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Volcanic Islands of the Sun

Example 11 Day Cruise aboard Ocean Albatros
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Join Ocean Albatros for an exciting cruise from Cape Verde to Lisbon. Macaronesia refers to the Atlantic islands off the coast of North Africa. Huge craters, scorching fumaroles, and lava structures indicate the islands' violent volcanic past. Experience diverse cultures from the laid-back Caribbean vibe of Mindelo Bay in Cape Verde, the historical heritage of Garajonay, and Cañadas del Teide National Parks in the Canary Islands, to the hardworking highland farmers of Funchal in Madeira. Your tour ends as you reach the beautiful hills and valley in Lisbon.
Explore the beautiful Canary IslandsCape Verde IslandsBeaches of Cape Verde IslandsGolden hour viewsWander through sunny TenerifeWander through colorful Madeira
  • Visit Praia, capital of the Republic of Cabo Verde
  • Enjoy the bustling markets and quiet parks of Mindelo
  • Explore the beaches of La Gomera
  • Discover the famous natural attraction in Puerto de la Cruz
Places Visited
Activity Level: Relaxed
Involves minimal physical effort and is typically associated with leisurely activities. Activities are low-intensity or last less than a few hours each day.

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Day 1: Praia | Embark

Praia is the bustling town on the south coast of Ilha de Santiago, and the capital of the Republic of Cabo Verde. The old colonial city center of Praia is built on a flat rock plateau and is a designated World Heritage site.  

Albatros Expeditions’ new expedition vessel Ocean Albatros is anchored in the harbour, and you will embark the ship by Zodiac tender boats by mid-afternoon. After being shown to your cabin, you will be given the mandatory safety briefing, while the Captain gets ready to steer out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Our direction during the night is north from Praia which is located in the far south. The archipelago consists of ten islands and we steer between Santiago, the biggest of the Cape Verde islands, and Fogo, the tallest with a height of 2.830 meters. Fogo, which means ‘fire’ is the only active of the Cape Verde volcanoes with the latest eruption in 2014. It is also the youngest, having erupted from the sea floor a few hundred thousand years ago, compared to oldest islands dating back 180 mill. years.

Day 2: São Vicente

In the morning we have arrived at the narrow strait between the islands Santo Antão and São Vicente, in the northern part of Cape Verde Archipelago. Ocean Albatros casts anchor in Mindelo Bay, sheltered from the northeast trade winds.  

The town of Mindelo is an active, culturally hotspot, sweeping the circular seafront of Porto Grande Bay. Out of plenty cafés, restaurants and small concert halls float live music, not least on a weekend – when we are visiting the city! Enjoy the bustling markets, quiet parks, and plenty of small shops selling all sorts of local produce. A genuine ‘Caribbean’ ambiance!

The British East India Company used Mindelo as a coal deposit, and British colonial architecture is still seen around the otherwise Portuguese inspired city. Opposite the strait lies the mountainous island of Santo Antão, and on the other side of the Grande Bay is Monte Cara with its characteristic profile of a reclining human face.
Late in the afternoon we ‘set sail’ for the long leg north to the next group in Macaronesia, the Canary Islands.

Day 3-4: At Sea Toward Canary Islands

Far into the Atlantic, following a north-northeastern course, we cruise along the coast of Sahel countries of Mauritania and Western Sahara. we are up against the perpetually dry and strong northeast trade wind. but ocean Albatros’ unique x-bow and modern stabilizers keep the vessel steady, enabling us to enjoy exquisite dining, interesting lectures or watching for dolphins, whales and seabirds from panorama lounges indoor or from the outside observation decks.

Day 5: San Sebastián and La Gomera

We arrive in the morning at the east coast of the island La Gomera to go alongside in the small port of San Sebastián. Being the largest town on this small island it has some 9.000 inhabitants. We take a stroll into the quiet streets and stairs of this steep-sided and valley-locked town, where Christopher Columbus spend a month before his Atlantic crossing, 530 years ago.

The Canary Islands are - as most oceanic islands - of volcanic origin. With its circular form and central highlands, La Gomera looks the shape of a volcano. But the island’s volcanic past is worn-down, and the recent form is the result of secondary erosion, leaving a radiating network of steep-sided barranco valleys. A a few dramatic rock towers like “Los Roques” are primary remnants of original volcanic plugs.

La Gomera is located in the trade wind belt, and with a year-round humid wind coming in from northeast, the island’s northern slopes are covered in thick junglelike forest. This is the famous laurel forest, eternally green and the life blood of the island. The leeward southern slopes on the other hand are brown and almost barren.
The local cuisine has retained much of its original flavors and recipes, which some of the more visited Canary islands might have lost. So, it is important to take a break during the visit to enjoy a glass of local wine and a tapa with almogrote, a local garlic cheese spread.

It is possible to join an optional half day bus excursion from San Sebastian to Garajonay National Park with a hike into the massive fern and laurel forest. The trip is part of the excursion package and are not included in the price for the voyage.

Day 6: Puerto de la Cruz

Today we arrive at the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife. Tenerife entices with beautiful nature and beaches, delicious food - and not least a mild and pleasant climate.

We dock in Puerto de la Cruz on the northwest coast. The city is surrounded by cliffs and is a popular port of call for cruise ships. In the city you can see the beautiful park García Sanabria and the beautiful baroque church Iglesia de la Concepción near the port, which forms the city center. Close to town are the beaches of Las Gaviotas and Las Teresitas.

The island's most famous natural attraction is the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park in the middle of the island, where the 3,718-meter-high volcano Teide - Spain's highest mountain - dominates the landscape. The national park is on UNESCO's list of world natural heritage. Join the optional excursion which has a bus pickup from our pier. The trip is part of the excursion package and are not included in the price for the voyage.

Should time allow, the day could be spiced up with a little local gastronomy, like delicacies from the sea, tapas and the popular classic, paella. Or a local dish, papas arrugadas, "wrinkled potatoes".

Departing Tenerife in the evening, our captain sets out for a relaxing day at sea.

Day 7: At Sea Toward Madeira

Sea days are good for catching up on local knowledge during lectures by the expedition team, reading books from the library or enjoying the sun and sea view from upper deck.

Day 8: Funchal

Early morning, we dock at the pier in Funchal, beautifully situated in a bay surrounded by mountains. The Portuguese origin does not deny itself, as the building style has the city affectionately referred to as "Little Lisbon".
We will take a leisurely walk through the narrow-cobbled streets, where small squares entice with cozy eateries. Jardin Municipal is one of the city's many beautiful gardens and close by is the magnificent cathedral. The church was built in the 16th century in classical Portuguese-Manueline style. The square Largo do Colégio and the town hall are interesting before visiting the famous Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmers' Market), located in a large art deco building. Madeira is known for its flowers, orchids, the characteristic orange-yellow perennial Strelitzia. At the market you really sense how lush the island is and how many amazing plants and crops the volcanic soil produces.

The volcanic origin of Madeira reaches back to the dinosaur era of Cretaceous, where thick layers of sediments were deposited in the young Atlantic Ocean. Thus, layers of lava and intruded volcanic rock can be seen alternating with layers of coral reefs and marine limestone up to 400 meter above sea level.

On this day at Madeira, we offer an optional half day excursion into the interior of this lush and mountainous island. Valley of the Nuns (Curral da Freiras) might be one of the coolest places you can visit. Not only is it a village built on the crater of an extinct volcano, but it was once a place where nuns would hide when pirates attacked the city of Funchal. The trip is part of the excursion package and are not included in the price for the voyage.

In the evening we bid farewell to this last island on our Macaronesian tour. Around midnight we will pass at distance the tiny island of Porto Santo which has a population of 5,000 Portuguese inhabitants.

Day 9-10: At Sea

Enjoy Ocean Albatros's relaxed luxury ambiance for the next two days at sea. As we are moving from trade wind to the spring’s westerly winds, the sea might - or might not – turn rougher. But then again, with the X-Bow and automatic stabilizers, rolling and slamming is cut to an absolute minimum.

Day 11: Lisbon | Disembark

Early morning on this last day of our adventure, we head into the mouth of River Tagus to Lisbon, the westernmost capital on the European continent.
Lisbon has grown around a valley, and its many hills allow for beautiful views everywhere. The city is one of Europe's oldest and old is mixed with new in a perfect combination.

Ocean Albatros docks in the huge Tagus estuary, and after breakfast, it is time to bid farewell to vessel, crew and expedition staff and get ready for the homebound journey.


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Single Stateroom (Porthole) - 14 m2 Standard single Stateroom onboard, located on deck 3. This is a conveniently located State Room close to the Mudroom which facilitates access to the Zodiacs during embarkation and disembarkation to begin your adventures.
Ocean Albatros Cat FOcean Albatros Cat F
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Triple Stateroom (Porthole) - 22 m2 There are four Triple Staterooms on board Ocean Albatros featuring portholes, all with private en-suites. Located on Deck 3, they're close to the mudroom and loading platforms. Triple staterooms are normally with twin beds however a double bed can be accommodated.
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French Balcony Stateroom - 14 m2 The French Balcony Suite is a standard Stateroom with a French balcony, a double bed, floor-to-ceiling windows and a bathroom. All French Balcony Suites are located on Deck 7.
Ocean Albatros Cat DOcean Albatros Cat D
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Category D
Albatros Stateroom (Porthole) - 13-22 m2 The standard Stateroom on Ocean Albatros is close to the Mudroom and has quick access to the Zodiac platforms for disembarkation during landings. This is very convenient if you have more limited mobility and would like a short distance to the Zodiacs. The State Rooms are perfect for those who wish a comfortable base during their stay onboard Ocean Albatros. The standard State Rooms all have a double bed or 2 single beds and a bathroom. The State Rooms are located on deck 3 and 4.
Ocean Albatros Cat COcean Albatros Cat B Balcony
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Category C
Balcony Stateroom - 18-22 m2 The most abundant type of Stateroom on Ocean Albatros located on decks 4 & 6. They have a balcony, a double bed or two single beds, a bathroom and a sofa that can be used as a bed for a child if traveling as a family. If you desire to book two staterooms with connecting doors, this is also a possibility within this category.
Ocean Albatros Cat COcean Albatros Cat C Balcony
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Category Csp
Superior Balcony Stateroom (48) app. 24 sqm, including Balcony.
Ocean Albatros Cat COcean Albatros Cat C Balcony
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Grand Balcony Stateroom (4) app. 30 sqm, including Balcony.
Ocean Albatros Cat BOcean Albatros Cat B Balcony
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Category B
Balcony Suite approximately - 25-32 m2 Ocean Albatros has 6 Balcony Suites on board located on decks 4 & 6. The suites feature double or twin beds and a seating area, bathroom, and a large balcony. The balcony suites can host 2 people.
Ocean Albatros Cat AOcean Albatros Cat A Balcony
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Category A
Junior suite - 39 m2 The 4 junior suites aboard Ocean Albatros have a great view from their location high up on the ship on deck 7. The suites feature a double bed or twin beds, sofa bed, seating area, a spacious bathroom and a private balcony. The suite can accommodate up to 3 people.
Ocean Albatros Premium SuiteOcean Albatros Premium Suite
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Premium Suite (Freydis Suite)
Premium suite - 45 m2 – FS (Freydis Suite) The second largest of all the staterooms on board the Ocean Albatros is the Premium Suite. This 2-bedroom suite features a double bed (or twin beds), a sofa bed, table and chair, a balcony and a spacious bathroom. Located on deck.4. This category is available upon request. Please refer to Albatros Expeditions for price.
Ocean Albatros Family SuiteOcean Albatros Family Suite
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Family Suite (Brynhilde Suite)
Family suite - 52 m2 – BS (Brynhilde Suite) The largest of all the staterooms on board the Ocean Albatros is the Premium Suite. The Double-Bedroom, Family Suite is going to be located on Deck 7, featuring two interconnecting French Balcony Suites, accommodating up to 5 people on two double beds and a sofa bed. This category is available upon request. Please refer to Albatros Expeditions for price.


Kayaking activities available on both Arctic and Antarctic voyages. 
Although kayaking opportunities are possible in most locations during each excursion in the Antarctic region, weather, sea, and ice conditions will dictate the when and where to ensure your safety and improve your experience.
In order to sign up for this activity, you need to have previous kayaking experience and attend a mandatory safety briefing by the Kayak Master. The cost is $345/person per outing and it can only be booked onboard.

Possible shared staterooms for same-gender, single travelers: Category C (Balcony Stateroom) and Category F (Triple Porthole Stateroom)
  • 10 Breakfasts, 9 Lunches, 10 Dinners
  • 10 Nights Accommodations
  • Accommodations as listed
  • Ground transportation as listed
  • Activities as listed
  • Meals as listed
  • Access to a 24-7 Emergency line while traveling
  • Welcome and Farewell Cocktails   
  • Digital visual journal link after voyage, including voyage log, gallery, species list and more.
  • English-speaking expedition team
  • Information briefings and lectures by expedition team
  • Parkas and Boots in assorted sizes, suitable for shore landings
  • Special photo workshop
  • Gratuities
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Flight costs (please request a quote)
  • Additional excursions during free time
  • Beverages (other than coffee and tea)
  • Anything not mentioned under 'inclusions'
  • Extra excursions and activities not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meals not on board the ship
  • Tips for the crew (we recommend USD 14 per person per day)
  • Emergency Evacuation insurance of at least $200,000 per passenger is required. Please bring a copy of your insurance onboard.


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