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Ice Ice Baby!

In addition to penguins, icebergs are a quality that gives Antarctica its Antarctica-ness! Antarctica without icebergs certainly would not be Antarctica. In addition to their massive size, I was also amazed at all the different variations of blues and whites in each iceberg. Did you know that to be classified as an iceberg, the ice height must be greater than 16 feet above sea level and its thickness must be between 98-164 feet?! Icebergs are then further categorized into tabular and non-tabular icebergs. Tabular icebergs are generally flat like a plateau, and non-tabular icebergs have various shapes and can be rounded or pointy. Smaller pieces of ice that break off icebergs are called "bergy-bits" and these bits also show blue and white color variations that sparkle in the sunlight.
Beautiful blues on the ice
Beautiful blues on the ice (Jane Packer)

I loved hanging out on the deck and watching all the different ice formations as we floated by. It kind of reminded me of cloud watching, because each formation could be interpreted as looking like something else. For example, we called this iceberg the "Sydney Opera House" of ice because of its curvy shape. I saw some beautiful shapes and colors! 
Sydney Opera House of Icebergs
Sydney Opera House of Icebergs (Jane Packer)


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