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Antarctic Odyssey \ Photos

Ushuaia bares itself to visitors
Ushuaia away from the main drag
Ushuaia from the port
West Falklands
Rockhopper and blackbrow "duopolis"
Blackbrow albatrosses grooming
Gentoo rookery, West Falklands
Two gentle gentoos
Nearing South Georgia a rock full of shags
Inquisitiveness works both ways
Young kings in the greatcoats
King penguins, South Georgia
Another rookery, another king or two
Evening in South Georgia
Stromness whaling station
The graves of whalers and whales
Stromness: the sea is no longer red
Our first icebergs
Grytviken visitors
Grytviken: a strange beauty from an ugly past
Grytviken chapel hides behind whale oil tanks
Young seals playing like kids
Sightseeing on South Georgia
The light constantly changes
Drykalski Fiord, South Georgia
Glacier, Drykalski Fiord
Drykalski Fiord
Fortunately friendly despite the look
Ocean Nova observation lounge
South coast of South Georgia
A tabular iceberg
Point Wild, Elephant Island
Where Shackletons spent four months
Hard going ...... on the zodiacs
Paying homage to a brave captain
Glacier termination, Elephant Island
Elephant Island
There it is!
A sheathbill displays its beauty and its eating habits
Gibbs Island
A strange sky
Come in number two
Brown Bluff, Antarctic Peninsula
Interloper, Brown Bluff
Antarctica is sometimes only two and a bit dimensional
Polar plunge
Adelies at Paulett Island
More Adelies at Paulett Island
Shags, sheathbills and penguins on a rock
Adelies on an iceflow
The Antarctic is not all black and white
Erebus and Terror Gulf
Erebus and Terror Gulf
A Crabeater Seal ...... I think
Another iceberg only the colour is different
Deception Island
A stroll at Deception Island
Bleak but beautiful: Deception Island
The remains of a whale boat
Whaling station building, Deception Island
Lichens, Halfmoon Island
Tourists, interlopers or adventurers?
Going for a bath
Two of the South Shetland Islands
Tierra Del Fuego National Park
Tierra Del Fuego National Park
Ushuaia: end of the runway and the adventure

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