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Antarctica - Into the Icebox \ Photos

The M/V Sarpik Ittuk among the ice floes.
Bon Voyage - Stay Warm!  We anxiously await departure.
Leaving Ushuaia for the deepfreeze.
A vessel in the Beagle Channel on the way to Drake Passage.
Hiking in the frigid southlands.
Ooooo, the perfect rock for my nest.
Whaler's Bay, the Biscoe house - Not open for business.
We were told we could get a ride, where's the Captain?
Porcuipenguin - How do these guys stay warm?
Mike and Rene - It's obviously cold out.
The thermal bay on Deception Island.  Care for a dip anyone?
Leggo my Eggo!  -  Defending the nest.
Abandoned oil hauler at Whaler's Bay on Deception Island.
Zodiac tied up while the hikers are away for the sights.
My nest, my rules.  The wife said I had to stay here.
Watching the paint peel at Whaler's Bay whaling station.
Discarded building materials at Whaler's Bay.
What, the doors are unlocked?  Where is security?
And this is the kitchen.  All it needs is a little TLC.
Closeup of an oil boat at Whaler's Bay.
Passport stamps from the Antarctica trip.
Desolate, but beautiful.
We're tired and wind burned, but really happy.
And we wanted so desperately to stay here.  Next time maybe.
The sunsets are so dramatic it makes you want to cry.
Another gorgeous view.  Wow!
Tabular iceburg - These things are enormous.
Kristin's Polar Plunge - She didn't stay in long.
Ok, I'm out now, where's the food?
Ok, how far is it to Tucumcari?  The Russian Base!
Walking on the ice.  Wait, did you hear a pop???
Weddell seal - "Man that was a rough night last night".
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it\'s to the horns we go.  Devil Island
Whaler's Bay - Backbone of a whale.
Adelie Rookery - "Martha, where are you Martha?"
A happy trio!  It doesn't get much better than this.
Between the bergs with the Sarpik Ittuk.
A blue floater - the color is magnificant.
A ridgeback iceberg in calm seas.
Packmule Rene - Is there such a thing as too much equipment?
The chick has emerged, now the epic begins.
I'm starving, more, more.  Ah, that's better.
I can see you!  Keep chipping.
Let's see, if I can just get one foot out.
Alright, the egg is cracked.  What\'s the next step?
Wiggle harder, you\'ll make it just fine.
A little to the left - To the left, my left, not your left.
If you'll hurry, you might make dinner.
Hey, he looks just like you, Edward.
I know, I know, it looks easy from this end.
Beautiful Blue Iceberg
This gives a whole new meaning to the words "cracked ice".
A Chilean plane takes off from O\'Higgins Station, Frei Base.
Lets see, how far is it to Kalamazoo?
Chilean Base Reflection
The youngest member of the Chilean crew at Esperanza base.
The Penguin Whisperer prepares to do his work for the day.
Chinstrap Penguin on King George Island
A Leopard Seal waits - \"Penguin, it\'s what\'s for dinner.\"
Do these feathers  make my butt look fat?
I don't care what you say, I'm tired of this weather and I'm going to Tahiti next year.
The scenery coming back into Ushuaia.  Tired but excited.
Inspired by our wonderful trip to Antarctica and by one particular penquin photograph that our web designer just couldn\'t get out of his head.
Kolob, our wonderful Expedition Vehicle

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