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Antarctica - pure awe for 19 days... \ Photos

A curious Brown Skua
Setting off towards the Falkland Islands on Ortelius
Sunset our first night at sea
Sunset reflected in the Ortelius windows
One of many navigational map photos I took along the way
Commerson Dolphins
Giant Petrel
Magellanic Penguin
Ship graveyard in Stanley, Falkland Islands
Layers of paint on old ship
Abandoned ship in Stanley
Rusted ship in Stanley
Gentoo Penguin feet
Gentoo Penguins in Lagoon Bluff Cove, Falkland Islands
Friendly Gentoo Penguin
King Penguin and chick
Gentoo Penguin
King Penguins, Right Whale Bay
Young Fur Seal
Field of fur seals, Right Whale Bay
Posing King Penguins, Salisbury Plain
King Penguins challenge the camera
King Penguins
The King Penguin strut
A lucky morning at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia
Salisbury Plain
A particularly adorable fur seal pup
King Penguins single file
King Penguin couple positioning
King Penguins as far as the eye can see
Fur Seal, Prion Island
Wandering Albatross
Maccaroni Penguins
Abandoned ship in Grytviken
The grave of Ernest Shackleton
Elephant Seals in Grytviken
Elephant Seals and King Penguins in Gold Harbour
Elephant Seal molting
Entering Drygalski Fjord
Drygalski Fjord
The might Ortelius which kept us safe throughout
Combatting 100km/h of wind
Typical view from our room porthole while heading South
Iceberg near Paulet Island
Zodiaks and Ortelius from Paulet Island
Unreal iceberg, one of thousands
Ice near Paulet Island
Adelie Penguins
Young Adelie Penguin
Enormous iceberg
Beautiful ice formation
A friendly iceberg, "hello!"
A Gentoo Penguin gets VERY close at Brown Bluff
Kelp Gulls
Leopard Seal, Cierva Cove
Leopard Seal
Leopard Seal
Orne Island view
Sunset from the Ortelius deck
Humpback whale
Humpback whale rainbow
Humpback whale
Humpback whale posturing
Humpback whale dive
Sunset reflections, Errera Channel
Lemaire Channel
Incredible morning light, Lemaire Channel
Sunrise, Antarctica style
Whale carcass, Port Lockroy
Bergy bit
Gentoo Penguin playing in the sun
Gentoo Penguins, Port Lockroy
Humpback whale, Gerlache Strait
Feeding at the water surface
Weddell seal relaxing
Humpback whale and baby swim past Ortelius
Blue-eyed shag
Our final sunset as we leave for Drake's Passage
I finally made it to Antarctica!
My bunkmates - from Germany, Norway and Netherlands
Entire crew at Brown Bluff, photo courtesy of Rolf Stange

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