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Imprinting Beauty \ Photos

A Gentoo Penguin on Half Moon Island
The tip of South America from above
Ushuaia in the spring
The city of Ushuaia
This picture was taken around 10 or 11pm.
The Antarctic Dream!  This is our boat!
Aboard the Antarctic Dream
Yay! I\'m excitied!
Aboard the Antarctic Dream
Our room with 2 port hole windows
Life jacket training....nice and bright
A Cape Petrel...this is the best I get with my cheap camera
A lecture on penguins...very informative
Dinning room chairs chained to the ground
More birds following the boat!
Look at all the windows: perfect place to watch & keep warm.
Birds over the waves
Video group from Hong Kong...these guys were great!
Stepping onto Antarctica!!!!!!
Deception Island...it still has an active volcano
A Chinstrap Penguin
Singing a song...you could hear it from the vessel
Crazy...I know, but the sting of the cold was well worth it
Gentoos on ice...Can you see a bit of the blue?
Sledding on Antarctica
Neko Harbour
Footprints glowing blue!!!
Neko Harbour
They stole a penguin egg and are eating it.
Those dots are people and the dark areas are Gentoo colonies
How can you not take time to make a snowman?
I loved watching how the penguins truly marched in lines
Penguins on the rocks
See the egg?  This is hard, muddy work!
Taken while eating dinner.  There were always things to see
Landscape of Antarctica
These are the Adelie...an explorer named them after his wife
The seal is a predator in the water, but too slow on land.
Petermann Island...where three men were last seen.
Antarctic landscape
Antarctic landscape
Pleneau Bay
Antarctic landscape
Antarctic landscape
Doesn\'t it almost look fake?
Antarctic landscape
Antarctic landscape
This is one of my favorite ones.
Look the ice looks like a penguin!
Antarctic landscape
The \"vulture\" birds at Port Lockroy.
Look how close these penguins are to the shack
Aboard the Antarctic Dream
My little Weddel seal...so cute!  See the red mark?
The Leopard seal with zodiac in background
The wreck of the \"Governonren\"...a whaling boat
This was an amazing ice berg!!!  Look how bule the water is!
There\'s not substitue for the real thing, but here\'s a try.
See the mountain tops fading into the haze?
Tea in the dinning area
Port Lockroy
Getting ready for dinner...look at all the kinds of bread!
From the back of the boat looking in...
The control room
I think this is a type of Albatrosses but not sure.
Another artist appetizer...see the big windows?
Dessert and wine
Map of journey with artistic flare.  This was auctioned off
Captain on the right and his crew
This flag hung for the voyage and was signed by all.
Back in Ushuaia...last night spent in harbor...very calm.
Walking up the glacier
Near the top!  It was cold, but what an accomplishment.
A stray dog just hanging out near the top.
The tourist stores had changed while we were gone.
There goes the next expedition!  We watched from shore.
Yum!!  Italian gelato amazingly flavorful, creamy and cheap!

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