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Summer Snow and Blue Footprints

The Antarctic Dream!  This is our boat!
The Antarctic Dream! This is our boat!
A new day! Squinting hard and gazing ahead, I resisted the urge to look away as huge snowflakes landed on my face. I was surrounded by snow covered mountains and penguins everywhere I looked. Stepping out of the zodiac boat, I turned to look back. Behind me was the sea with icebergs floating around the ship, many giving off a bluish shade. Mountains shot straight up from the waters, and in a way I felt like I must have already climbed to a peak for this amazing view. Walking up a small slope to give room for people disembarking the next zodiac, I noticed the shelf snow near the base of the incline. It was edged like a white canyon wall. “I must be looking at a postcard or a photo found in National Geographic”. Opening my mouth for a split second, a large snowflake landed straight on my tongue. It felt like a spoonful of Hawaiian shaved ice. Large clusters of snowflakes in the summer...or really late spring...seemed extraordinary. The snowflakes grew smaller and so did the group of people as they climbed the hill ahead of me.

Shielding my eyes, I attempted to catch up with the other red coated people. We all looked sorely out of place in these red coats the boat had provided for us. However, the warmth was wonderful. The thought was forgotten as I looked down at the footprints ahead of me. Each imprint was glowing light blue like there was a black light hidden beneath the snow. Such a brilliant soft blue, a hidden treasure disclosed with each step.



walking on a glacier!!!!

Twisting my own foot a little deeper with the next, and hoping the blue intensified, I realized I'd never catch up with the group at this speed. How can a person move swiftly when everywhere you look is so rich for the eyes?

Sweating though my layers, finally the top appeared. Even through the fog, I knew I could sit there for hours and absorb the surroundings. Quiet except for the songs of the penguins, I felt like I was dreaming…were my eyes telling me the truth? Was this unexplainable wintry white scenery truly surrounding me? I did not know so many shades of white existed. Oh my…

Back on the boat….
A joyous outburst from behind and squeals of excitement filled the dining hall. Dropping my fork and turning toward the commotion, people were pointing out the window. A whale had been spotted. Soon a crowd gathered to gaze into the water and wait for the whale to surface again. As an eruption filled the room once more, it sounded like children opening their dream gift. As even more people rushed to look out the glass, I felt the boat tip towards the left. It sure felt like we were leaning with the crowd concentrated in one area. Eventually the whale wandered off and the people began to dissipate back to their tables and their second course dish. Nevertheless, the atmosphere stayed one of joy. People had spotted the first of the whales.

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