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Landing on shore at Nain, we were greeted by the brass band of the Moravian Church.  The brass band uses instruments and playing techniques that originated with the German-born Moravian missionaries who settled in Labrador in the eighteenth century.  But the brass band tradition has been waning in recent years, with only a handful of adults keeping the group in Nain going.  Many people feared the band tradition would die, but today a new generation is learning to play instruments.  We were witness to this upon our arrival.  They even got up on the church roof and played as they historically have done.

Nain Brass Band
Nain Brass Band (Kassandra Magruder)

Nain is the northernmost permanent settlement in Labrador.  The town was established in 1771 by the Moravian missionaries.  Nowadays, the population hovers right around 1,500 people of mostly Inuit descent.  

Friendly Nain Resident
Friendly Nain Resident (Kassandra Magruder)

A warm welcome was given to us interlopers - visitors for nothing more than a day.  When I asked if people in town were a little annoyed than 189 people were dropped off on shore for a few hours they all protested saying that they were happy we had come to see their town and learn about their culture.  We the lucky few who get to meet such incredible, hardy, kind and giving people.  The people of Nain.   

Nain (Kassandra Magruder)

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