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Los Cauquenes

Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa

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Los Cauquenes, the only high-end Resort & Spa on the Beagle Channel beach, with the snowed peaks of the imposing Andes mountain range behind it and just 7 km away from the city of Ushuaia, has 54 rooms and suites, direct access to a private beach and outstanding views from all rooms and hotel areas.

Sustainable Tourism. The commitment to the planet.

Since its inception, Los Cauquenes has been committed to preserving environmental resources and implementing eco-efficiency. In 2012, the resort was awarded the Biosphere Hotel Certification and since May 2015, it became part of Green Leader By Trip Advisor. This new program recognizes hotels and B&Bs that engage in environmentally friendly practices.

Salient features:
  • Sailing, adventure and gourmet programs
  • Award-winning cuisine
  • Indoor/outdoor swimming pool
  • Free transport to/from Airport and Ushuaia
  • American buffet breakfast included
  • Optional Spa treatments
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel
  • Wine Bar & Lounge
  • Spa, gym and sauna options

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The trip might have been the absolute best of our lifetime (thus far). We particularly want to commend our guide Peter in the Guilin area-he was so incredibly attentive, energetic, enthusiastic-and absolutely dedicated to ensuring that our meals were 100% vegetarian.
Jack Charney


Lapataia Expedition

Explore the nature of the place at its best
The experience begins meeting the railway station of the End of the World Train up to the National Park; we’ll visit Ensenada Bay, which offers a nice view of the Andean mountain range. We’ll also visit the southernmost post office in the world and then walk towards Lake Roca, which is surrounded by a landscape of forests and mountains followed to venture onto the trekking trails bordering Lapataia Bay.
Spot the local wildlife onboard Akawaia while sailing along the Beagle Channel up to Ushuaia Bay. The End of the World colors and flavors will
blend in your memory with the natural beauty of the Andean landscape.

Penguin Colony

Sail along the Beagle Channel watching sea life.
We set sail from the wharf of Ushuaia city onboard our Akawaia boat with destination to Alicia island, an ideal place for birdwatching.
We’ll spot the flying steamer duck, the upland goose, the grey and the Kelp Gull, and the Antarctic dove. We’ll then visit Les Eclaireurs lighthouse and then we will sail towards Martillo Island, where we’ll observe a colony of Magellanic Penguins and, occasionally, we’ll see Papua penguins.

Penguins with Harberton

Designed for those who enjoy knowing
the origins of Tierra del Fuego
After delighting in the grace and beauty of the penguins of Martillo Island, our boat approaches the Harberton’s wharf, where we will get off the ship for a tour of this estancia declared a National Historic Monument because it was the first in the Argentine section of Tierra del Fuego. The house has kept the original architecture structure, as well as the gardens and the shearing sheds. We’ll return to Ushuaia by land. This tour let us get in touch with a genuine Tierra del Fuego of estancias; forests; rugged coasts dotted by the so-called flag trees, sculpted by the strong wind; and beaver dams. All this with the Andes mountain range as a backdrop.

Glacial Adventure

A tour conceived for those willing to live an adventurous experience within city bounds.
Just a few minutes after setting out on our own vehicles, we arrive at the foot of the Martial glacier to embark on a singular adventure accessing a trekking area. Once amid the Fuegian mountain range, a medium-difficulty trek is the ideal way of getting acquainted with the glacier. From different vantage points, the trail offers the most amazing views of the city at the End of the World. On the way back an exclusive gourmet picnic is our proposal for a laid-back end to this experience.

Fishing Day at Lago Escondido

Designed for sport fishing lovers.
The rivers and lakes of Tierra del Fuego are considered among the best in the world for the practice of sport fishing. We cross the majestic Andes mountain range to head into Escondido Lake, where a day of adventure and trout fishing embarked in the Lake awaits us. Here abounds the Fontinallis, Brown and Rainbow trout. On the shores of the lake, a fire waits for as to share a lunch accompanied by nature.

Sailing along the Beagle Channel

A tour along the Beagle Channel is an invitation to
see Ushuaia from a different viewpoint.
We set sail from the commercial wharf of Ushuaia city and sail around Alicia Island onboard our boat Akawaia for sea-bird sightings of steamer ducks, upland geese, kelp gulls, gray seagulls and Antarctic doves. On Mary Ann and Les Eclaireurs (The Enlighteners) islands, we’ll be able to watch South American fur seals and South American sea lions, and colonies of imperial cormorants and king cormorants. During the journey, we will also see the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse and part of the wreck of the SS Monte Cervantes, which sank in 1930.
Besides the beautiful landscapes, enjoy a delicious option prepared for you. Be the main character of your own story on deep waters.

Sub-Antarctic Birdwatching

Meet the different species of birds, and the local flora and fauna.
The sea shoreline, mountains, rivers and wetlands that make up the landscape of the Tierra del Fuego National Park are an ideal environment for bird-watching. The outings will begin early in the morning. The Andean condor, the giant woodpecker, the Fuegian steamer duck and the great grebe are among the most striking species here.

Monte Susana Adventure

Ideal for those who want to enjoy Ushuaia’s panoramic views without traveling far away from town.
Mount Susana is adjacent to the hotel; we head for its foothills on our own vehicles to begin our trek. Strategically located, this hill commands splendid views of Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel. During the summer, on our way up to a 625 m.a.s.l. altitude, we enjoy the display of indigenous flowers and fruits, typical of the area. On the way down, we get back to the hotel by walking along the Channel’s shore.

Southern Cuisine

Let us invite you to share in the secrets of the Fuegian cooking style.
The hotel cooks will deliver a two-hour theoretical and practical course revealing useful secrets about the products regularly used in Fuegian cuisine, especially as regards their main qualities and the best ways of cooking them. We’ll prepare delicious recipes with Fuegian king crab caught by artisanal fishermen in the Beagle Channel and with Patagonian toothfish from the cold waters of the South Atlantic. And you’ll learn about another typical Patagonian dish: the Fuegian lamb. We’ll also learn to cook desserts made with local red berries. After the class, you’ll be invited to taste those dishes at the Reinamora restaurant.

The City at The End of t\The World

A tour to get you acquainted with the city’s
key spots.
It’s the perfect experience for our first day in the city at the end of the world.
We set off from the Hotel towards Ushuaia city, where we’ll walk around traditional neighborhoods and see its panoramic vistas. Our guide will also
advise you about the best places to go shopping and where to enjoy the best local food.

Crossing to Navarino

Crossing Williams Port.
We set sail from Ushuaia city early in the morning onboard our Akawaia boat and sail across the Channel to Port Navarino, where we’ll arrive after a 30-minute trip.

Crossing to Port Williams/ 1.30 hs

Crossing Port Williams.
Early in the morning, we set sail from Ushuaia city on board our boat and sail across the Beagle Channel to Puerto Williams, a Chilean town considered the southernmost settlement in the world. At Puerto Williams, you’ll find excellent trekking trails, an anthropological museum, the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve and the Omora Ethnobotanical Park. It has 2,500 inhabitants, mostly from the military base. Puerto Williams is where the last descendants of the Yamana natives live.

Dinner / Lunch onboard Akawaia

Relish a fine meal and enjoy an unparalleled maritime trip.
Ushuaia ́s port is the starting point of an adventure to be shared with your partner as well as with friends. The sunset at Tierra del Fuego stains the landscape as the Akawaia sails along the Beagle Channel.
The Andean Mountain Range and the southern coast of the islands provide the ideal natural frame for a savory experience especially thought for this occasion. Afterward, pamper yourself with a different dinner on board with the expertise and distinction that Los Cauquenes boasts of. Sensations to be treasured overlooking a unique surrounding.

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