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Colombia Weather Overview

The weather in Colombia can range from sun drenched beaches and humid jungle to cool cities and snow capped mountain peaks. Colombia is located near to the equator and has a tropical climate and temperatures which remain fairly steady throughout the year. The greater the elevation the cooler the temperatures; a general rule of thumb is to expect a drop of 42F with every 3280ft in altitude.

Due to proximity to the equator there is little change in temperature during the year although the amount of rain varies, making it an ideal destination for Colombia travel year-round. The best time for a Colombia tour is during the drier seasons from December to February and June to August. Wetter seasons are March to May and September to November, but that being said, it is still fine time for a Colombia vacation for those not adverse to the typical afternoon rainfall.

Colombia has a tropical climate on the coast, a hot zone in lowland areas (the majority of the country), a temperate zone and a cooler zone in the higher reaches of the Andes and cities at a high elevation. The city of Cartagena is warmer thanBogota, for example, since Cartagena is not as far above sea level. Greater altitudes also result in more pronounced differences in temperature as day transitions to night. The lowlands show ittle difference between day and night time temperatures whereas in the highlands warm days can give way to very cold nights.

Temperatures on the Caribbean Coast remain at a fairly constant 86F all year around but in Bogota temperatures can hover around 68F and dip down below 50F at night. Rain falls more frequently and heavily on the Pacific Coast and in the Andes. In the Guajira and Tatacoa deserts the temperatures are high and little rain falls. The Llanos experiences a tropical savanna climate as do parts of the Magdalena and Cauca River valleys. Typically rainforest areas are hot and humid year-round.

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