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Relax on the deck at Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Lamanai Outpost Lodge

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Lamanai Outpost Lodge is surrounded by an incredible variety of habitats that facilitate unsurpassed nature-based and soft-adventure activities that depart right from your cabaña's doorstep without the need for day trips. The nearest full-service lodge or hotel is over 70 miles away. Unlike many other lodges that share the same area and attractions, Lamanai Outpost is very much in a world of its own. Whether you are exploring the Maya ruins or watching nature awaken as the sun rises over Crab-Catcher Lagoon, it is almost guaranteed that it will be just you, your guide and a few friends that you have made at the Outpost. At most jungle lodges the more popular activities involve what are called day trips. In plain English, this means that you spend a large portion of your day in a vehicle as you are driven to and from the desired attraction.

At Lamanai Outpost you can choose from the country's largest range of fully guided soft-adventure experiences that start right from your cabaña's doorstep and do not require day trips. The average guest at the Outpost embarks on two activities per night's stay that are included in the package price. Be it by keeping its number of cabanas below 20 or by limiting the number of guests on a tour to between 6 and 10 participants, Lamanai Outpost Lodge is totally focused on the quality of your jungle experience. Our average activity departs with 4-6 guests. Lamanai Outpost is one of only a very few of Belize's jungle lodges to have been repetitively featured on shows such as Wild Things, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic Explorer and World Gone Wild. Voted Belize's Hotel of the Year for 1999/2000, the Outpost is consistently utilized by high-end travel companies and is widely recognized as one of Belize's finest jungle lodges.

Lodge Amenities
- All scheduled meals included
- Two activities per night stay
- Transfers from Belize Airport
- Coffee, Tea & Cocoa bar nightly
- Happy hour snacks provided
- Internet access via lodge's or personal laptop
- Wake-up call service

Accommodations Lamanai Outpost has twenty double Cabanas
• Most have one queen size bed and one double bed
• Some are designed to accommodate triples and families
• All have hot and cold private bath
• All have mini-fridge, veranda and more than adequate shelving and storage space
• Although there are only two air-conditioned rooms (Cabanas 16 & 17), natural ventilation is excellent. All Cabanas have high output ceiling fans and there is a prevailing breeze that comes in from the lagoon.

• All meals are full service
• Vegetarian and other specialized diets are routinely accommodated with prior notice
• The lodge employs a fixed menu; varied choices for breakfast; two-course lunch; three-course dinner. All include bar service and bakery items
• Dining concerns are accommodated.
• Our meal plan consistently receives excellent guest comments and is considered a strong point of the Outpost.
• Some of the activities involve meals in the field; all are high quality and delivered full-service style.

Operated by Lamanai Outpost Lodge

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Relax on the deck at Lamanai Outpost Lodge Double room at Lamanai Outpost Lodge High Temple, Lamanai Lamanai Outpost Lodge offers thatched-rood accomodations Bird's eye view of the Lamanai Ruins Canoers enjoy sunset at Lamanai Outpost Lodge Enjoy the view from the deck at Lamanai Outpost Lodge Triple accomodations at the Lamanai Outpost Lodge


Lamanai Ruins - 13 foot stone mask of Mayan King

Treasures of Belize

8 Day Itinerary
  • Explore Lamanai Mayan ruins
  • Stay at a secluded jungle lodge
  • Search for Belizean marine life
  • Choose from a menu of activities
Archaeological Site Visits, Fishing, Rainforest Exploration, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Wilderness Lodge Exploration, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Tour Details


JUNGLE ADVENTURES – Two Per-Night Per Person Are Included in our Adventure Packages 

SUNRISE CANOEING – Meet your guide for dawn coffee, muffins & juice before Canoeing Across the Lagoon to explore Dawson’s Creek & the adjoining wetlands. Keep an eye out for Manatees,  otters, crocodiles, Jesus Christ lizards, kingfishers & endemic parrots.  Back to the lodge in time for breakfast.  A professional canoeist will accompany those who need help with the paddling.

JUNGLE DAWN – Explore jungle trails with an expert naturalist as nature awakes.  Learn about a habitat that is home to the Agouti,  black howler monkey, Leaf Cutter Ant, long-nosed quash & Keel-Billed Toucan.  Meet for dawn coffee & muffins – back to lodge for breakfast.

HOWLER TREK – Observe families of Howler Monkeys as they forage high in the jungle canopy, babies clinging tightly to their mother’s back under the protective gaze of the dominant male whose call can be heard for miles.  Learn about social dynamics & infant rearing practices.  Departs the lodge after an early breakfast and returns mid-morning.

MAYA JUNGLE MEDICINE & VILLAGE LIFE EXPERIENCE – Indigenous people have long relied upon a variety of local plants for their powerful medicinal properties.  Learn firsthand how basic potions & salves are used to this day in Belize’s rural villages.  Tour the village of Indian Church before stopping at a small women’s cooperative to assist with the preparation of a Traditional Maya Lunch.  Departs after breakfast & returns to the lodge a little after lunch.

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT – Explore the jungle as nocturnal creatures come out to hunt & troops of Howler monkeys call out across the canopy.  Search for Arboreal Porcupines,  owls, Kinkajous,  frogs, tarantulas & Armadillos – this one was eating an avocado that had fallen from the tree next to the pond in front of cabana 17.  Departs after dinner – headlights supplied.

LAMANAI MAYA RUINS & NATURE RESERVE –  Explore the remnants of this 3000-Year-Old Maya City, a wonderful blend of nature, jungle trails & culture just three minutes from the lodge.  Departs after breakfast & returns to the lodge for lunch.

NATURE WALK WITH COLONIAL SUGAR MILL & SPANISH CHURCH – Be on the lookout for a wide variety of birds & jungle critters as you hike down jungle trails & explore a long-abandoned Colonial Sugar Mill  & Spanish Church.  Departs mid-afternoon and returns in time for a cocktail at the bar.

SUNSET COCKTAIL CRUISE – Nature watching with cocktails & chips aboard a 30ft pontoon boat as the Sun Slips Below the Treetops.  Cocktails, drinks & chips included – wine can be added & charged to your tab.  Depart late afternoon & return in time for dinner.

SPOTLIGHT RIVER SAFARI – Head out into the night on a jungle-riverboat in search of nocturnal creatures such as the arboreal porcupine, Morelet’s crocodile, Bulldog Fishing Bat,  manatees & occasionally even the elusive jaguar.  Departs after dinner.

NATIVE FISHING – Catch live bait local style using an old wine bottle before heading off in a canoe with the Most Basic of Equipment.  Paddle out along the banks of the lagoon with a local fisherman and settle into a quiet area in search of bay snook, dormilon and other local species.  Most leave early with coffee & muffins on board and return to the Lodge for breakfast.

SUGAR MILL & SPANISH CHURCH BIRDING – Explore the broadleaf forest around the colonial sugar mill and Spanish Church.  This area is home to a wide variety of birds such as the elusive Tody Motmot,  Keel-billed Toucan, Gartered Trogon, Black-throated Shrike-Tanager  and the more common Black-headed Trogon.  This walk can be scheduled for dawn, mid-morning or afternoon.

MAYA TEMPLE BIRDING – Explore the remnants of this once great Maya city as you hike the surrounding jungle trails in search of Lesson’s Motmot,  Rufous-tailed Jacamar, White-whiskered Puffbirds, Red-capped Manakins  and the Bicolored Hawks.  Depart the Lodge after an early breakfast and return for lunch.

MILPA BIRD WALK – Hike the shrub habitat alongside the village of Indian Church and surrounding milpas which is home to a variety of hawks, Yellow-bellied Elaenias, Red-legged Honeycreepers and a fascinating variety of seedeaters, buntings and saltators.  This walk can be scheduled for dawn or late afternoon.

AIRSTRIP, RICE TRAIL & POND BIRD WALK – Can be scheduled to depart at dawn, after an early breakfast or late afternoon.  This area of diverse habitat is home to Stub-tailed Spadebills, Green-Backed Sparrow,   White-bellied Wrens, Blue Buntings, Slate-headed Tody-Flycatcher, Red-Throated Ant-Tanager, the White-collared Manakin and the Bat Falcon.

NIGHT BIRD WALK – Depart after dinner to hike the trails surrounding the lodge in search of Middle American Screech-Owls Mottled and Barn-Owls,  Common Pauraque and Yucatan Poorwills.  Roosting Wood Thrushes, Black-and-white Warblers  and Magnolia Warblers are often seen.

SPOTLIGHT BIRD SAFARI – Depart by boat after dinner in search of Northern Potoos, American Pygmy Kingfisher,  Snail Kites, Agami Herons,  Least Bitterns, Sungreebes,  Yucatan Nightjars and the roosting Russet-naped Wood-Rail.


SPECIAL JUNGLE ADVENTURES – These Special-Adventures are Not-Included in our Jungle Adventure Packages.

LAKE TUBING – Get towed around the lagoon in a Two-Place Tow Tube  – usually scheduled for a late afternoon with a duration of 45 to 60 minutes – a lot of fun for couples and small families.

FAMILY LAKE TUBING – Add a 30’ pontoon boat with drinks & chips from where the family can swim, relax and watch the tow-boat & tube. Usually scheduled for a late afternoon with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes – perfect for larger families.

CROCODILE ENCOUNTER – Observe and assist as our crocodile biologists endeavor to capture & Collect Conservation Related Data on the endangered Morelet’s crocodile – your participation helps fund this important work.  Departs by airboat after dinner.

POLARIS NATURE TRAILS – Explore jungle trails, grassland, broadleaf and Pond Habitats in comfort on a Polaris Ranger.   Departs at dawn, late afternoon and after dinner.

SUNSET AIRBOAT SAFARI – Cruise the floodplains aboard an Everglades Style Airboat before stopping for a ‘cold one’ as the sun dips below the tree-line.  Drinks & chips included.  Departs late afternoon and returns just in dark.

FARMLAND CULTURAL EXPERIENCE – Take a Horse and Buggy ride back through time as you explore a remote no-cars-or-electricity farming community.  Join our host family for conversation & a farm-fresh lunch.  Departs the lodge after breakfast and returns early afternoon.

SPECIAL FISHING ADVENTURES – Are Not-Included in our Jungle Adventure Packages.
The Lodge is situated on a 28-mile-long freshwater lagoon which is home to Bay Snook, Dormilon, Tilapia & a lot of tarpons.  If you are a serious fisherman keep in mind that We Are Not a Fishing Lodge and although the men you will fish with have fished-to-eat from childhood, most use traditional fishing methods and don’t know one end of a fly rod from the other

NIGHT SPEARFISHING – Depart after dinner on a 30’ pontoon boat with headlights & long spears to hunt the shallow reed beds for bay snook, dormilon & tilapia.  Spearing is done from the pontoon boat.  Have your catch-cooked local style for breakfast the next day.

TARPON FISHING – Depart at dawn on a pontoon boat with coffee, juice & muffins on board so as to be in ‘the middle of them when they start rolling at sunrise.  Bring your own fly or spin gear – Tarpon Catch and Release 

RIVER OR LAGOON FISHING – Depart by boat at a time of your choosing – bring your own gear – out for around 2.5 hours.


SPECIAL BIRDING ADVENTURES – These special outings are private and guided by experienced bird guides who share your passion for birding.  You will find them focused on expanding your life-list and determined to go that extra mile to find that special bird you’ve been dreaming about.  These Special-Birding-Adventures are Not-Included in our Jungle Adventure Packages.

BIRDING AT THE OUTPOST – With over 400 species recorded within a five-mile radius of the lodge and having won the H. Lee Jones Belize Bird-a-Thon in 2019, 2017, 2015 & 2014, The Outpost is Unquestionably Belize’s Best Birding Location.  Situated amid an unequaled range of avifauna-rich habitats, your time at the outpost will produce a unique high-count birding experience.

E-BIRD’S #1 & #2 BIRDING HOTSPOT – Lamanai Outpost and the area surrounding the lodge are listed by E-Bird as Belize’s #1, #2 and #10 birding Hotspots.

BIRDERS ON A 3-NIGHT-PRIVATE-BIRDING-ADVENTURE can expect 150+ species.  Download Our Birdlist

POLARIS BIRDING – Bird jungle trails,  grassland, broadleaf and Pond Habitats in comfort on a Polaris Ranger.   Departs at dawn, late afternoon and after dinner in search of Middle American Screech-Owls, Mottled and Barn owls, Common Pauraque and Yucatan Poorwills.  This area of diverse habitat is home to Stub-Tailed Spadebills,  White-bellied Wrens, Blue buntings, Slate-headed Tody-Flycatcher, Red-throated Ant-Tanager, Green-backed Sparrow, the White-collared Manakin and the Bat-Falcon.  Wonderful for folk with limited mobility.

SAVANNAH BIRDING – Begins with dawn coffee, muffins and juice prior to a short boat ride over to the pine savannah.  Hike the savannah in search of endangered Yellow-headed Parrots, Aplomado Falcons and Yucatan endemics such as the  Black Catbird,  Botteri’s Sparrow Yucatan Jay and the Stygian Owl.  Yucatan Flycatchers, Bob Whites and the Yellow-lored Parrot are often sighted.  Back to the lodge for a late breakfast.

RIVERBOAT OR VEHICLE BIRDING – Can be scheduled for early morning or late afternoon.  Depart by boat or Vehicle returning to the lodge in about 2.5 hours.

FARMLAND VEHICLE BIRDING – This Special Birding Adventure explores the habitats surrounding Indian Creek where White-tailed Hawk, Fork-tailed Flycatcher,  White-tailed Kite, Wood Stork,  Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture and the Crested Caracara are often sighted.  Can be scheduled for early mornings or late afternoons.

DAWN RIVER BIRDING – Start with dawn coffee, muffins and juice in the dining room before heading out by boat to explore the New River and surrounding waterways. Be on the lookout for species such as the Jabiru Stork,  Sungrebe and a variety of Herons and Kingfishers.  Return to the lodge for breakfast.

AMPHIBIOUS WETLAND BIRDING – Bird otherwise inaccessible wetland habitat via a small amphibious vehicle looking for Ruddy Crakes,  Least Bitterns, Rufous-browed Peppershrikes, Yucatan & Ladder-backed Woodpeckers and Yellow-breasted Crakes.  Departs before dawn with coffee, juice, muffins and a hot finger-food-style breakfast on-board – back to the lodge by around 9:00 am – limited to two persons and their guide.



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