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June 13 Fly to Ambergris and check in at Blue Tang Inn

The grounds and cabanas at Pook's Hill
The grounds and cabanas at Pook's Hill
Today was the day to transfer to Ambergris Caye. About a 1.5 hour ride to the airport after saying our good byes at Pook's Hill. Would have loved to stay there one more day. We had a short, 2 stop flight to San Pedro in the rain. I got to sit in the co-pilot seat on the flight to San Pedro, that was probably a once in a lifetime thrill too. When we got there it was just cloudy. A Blue Tang driver met us at the airport and we got to the Inn within minutes. The streets are dirt and cobblestone and everyone has 4 wheel drive golf carts. You can get anywhere just by walking the beach. Lunch at Wet Willie's and a Belikin Beer. Lounging by the pool and beach and went to the spa. Supposedly there were jelly fish on the reef so we did not snorkel that day.

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