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We are back at Pooks!!! Interesting time at Cockscomb!

Mitch jumping off rope swing at Rock Pool!
Mitch jumping off rope swing at Rock Pool!
9AM departure from Cockscomb. It was a 3 hour drive to Pook's Hill Lodge. Most of the students slept on the way back.

Everyone was ecstatic to be back! No bunk beds!

After lunch, the girls either read or napped. The boys opted to go on a hike.

Ryan, Mitch and Griffin decided to try pole fishing at Rock Pool with pointers from Miguel (Mike). All 3 boys found a bamboo pole to use and Mitch provided the string, hook and trout bait that he brought with him from home. They did not catch any fish. Oh well!

This afternoon, we had a major downpour at Pook's. This was our first rainy day at the lodge and it made the day so hot and muggy! Thankfully, the fans in our rooms worked well! Once the sun came out, many of the kids laid out their towels on the grass to sunbathe.

What happens after the first rainfall? Winged termite adults hatch and fly around at dusk. UGH! There were loads of them flying around this evening driving all of us crazy. Luckily, they do not bite! They just buzz you relentlessly! They invaded all the cabanas that had lights on. Many of the kids were in their cabanas reading or hanging out with each other. To get rid of these noxious pests, the students smashed them with their sandals or shoes. What a mess!

Night hike at Pook's with Griffin, Chiara and myself. We saw some of the same creatures as we did at Cockscomb last night plus a sleeping butterfly and a kinkajou.

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