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Island Time

So I promised myself to wake up this morning at six in order to make up for going to bed at 9pm. Eleven hours later, we finally awoke at 8am and headed down to breakfast. I think we may have needed the rest because we only slept for 30 minutes here and there on the redeye flight yesterday. Nine didn't seem so early either when it gets dark between six and seven.

The continental breakfast was simple but so good - toast or fresh baked muffins with fresh squeezed juice and coffee. Then we hopped on one of the shuttles into town to explore a little. Funny thing was that we didn't see as many people as we expected. It was hot out and we realized that at this time of day before noon most people were out on excursions in the water or smart enough to stay in the shade.

Back at Victoria House, we ate lunch and relaxed again in the sun. It was nice to see that there was such a variety of patrons at the hotel - newlyweds, older couples, young families, single travelers, a group for a family reunion, and Gene Simmons with the lovely Shannon Tweed. He waved to us all and bid us a good day as they carried out his luggage. Excitement for the day! Back to my book and soaking in the sun on the beach.
back at the oasis of Victoria House
back at the oasis of Victoria House (Lynessa Nelson)

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