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Sea Kayaking

Today we relaxed again in the morning. We felt soooooo pampered by everyone at Victoria House because they waited on you hand and foot. It was interesting to chat with the staff too who gave us some of the background to the area and their own person stories. (Side note: we noticed as we toured around more and more that everyone is connected with each other in Belize. We met several staff at the hotels we stayed at whose friend/brother/mother works at the other place we were going to next. It just seems like a very interconnected country.)
Matt seakayaking
Matt seakayaking (Lynessa Nelson)

This afternoon we decided to be more adventurous from our typical beach and book routine.  We went out to the boat house and the staff set us up with a couple of sea kayaks.  The paddle out into the surf was harder than I expected but once we got out away from the beach the currents swept us even further out.   We drifted for a few minutes and enjoyed the peaceful ocean surroundings.  Then we go back to work and powered our way back to the coast.  It was just enough of a workout to justify a cocktail and a few more chapters in my book by the pool.
Me learning how to seakayak
Me learning how to seakayak (Lynessa Nelson)

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