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The Best Time to Visit the Greater Antilles

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The Best Time to Visit the Greater Antilles

The Greater Antilles are a group of islands in the Caribbean, most prominently consisting of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and Jamaica. The Greater Antilles are warm year-round and always welcoming to tourists- except for June through September as this is the hurricane season when, generally, these islands should be avoided.


January - mid-March (Winter/High Season)
Between January through mid-March, this is Cuba’s winter and is considered the best time to visit Cuba- especially Havana. There are comfortable temperatures between 65-75 ℉ (18.3-23.9 ℃) and little precipitation. The downsides are that it will be crowded and accommodations will be more expensive.

Late-March - mid-June (Spring/Off-season)
Most of March is still devoted to high season prices, but during the months April, May, and June, lodgings will be a lot more reasonable. The only significant downside is that there’s a high chance for rain during this spring season, and it is considerably warmer during this season, upwards of 80 ℉ (26.7 ℃). 

Late June - August (Summer/Hurricane Season)
Between June and August is a good time to visit Cuba. Although it’s hurricane season, you only need to worry about hurricanes affecting your trip to Cuba between September-October. During this season, the chance of rain decreases significantly, and the temperature rounds out a bit, averaging around 75 ℉ (23.9 ℃). Carnival is in August, so expect the city to be bustling.

September - December (Fall/Hurricane Season)
Between September and October, Cuba is most likely to be hit by a hurricane, and it’s not recommended to visit during these months. A ton of rain comes down during this season as well, with averages upwards of 70 mm. Most hotels won’t be open, but opening during this season will have excellent deals.

Puerto Rico

April - mid-June (Spring/Off-Season)
Puerto Rico can be visited at any time of the year, but the best time to go is between April and mid-June. The weather is warm during these months, and many of the winter crowds have gone home, but the wet season hasn’t started. Lodging will be extremely cheap during these months, and the extreme rains don’t begin until the end of June.

Late June - September (Summer/Hurricane Season) 
The summer is the height of the wet/hurricane season in Puerto Rico, but there are the best hotel deals during this season. Going during this season is a gamble because you may get rained on or have hurricane warnings every day you’re visiting.

October - mid-December (Fall/Off-Season)
In the fall, lodging prices should be reasonable as these are also considered off-season months. But the rain won’t be an issue, and the temperatures are consistently warm; this is an excellent time to visit.

Mid-December - mid-April (Winter/High Season)
These winter months are the high season in Puerto Rico because it’s still warm here, unlike most of the world. There are more crowds during this season, and hotels are more expensive, but the weather is still at great temperatures in the low 80’s ℉ (26’s ℃).


November - mid-December (Spring/Off-season)
After hurricane season ends, it is considered by many the best time to visit Jamaica due to the impressive deals and lack of crowds. During this time, the temperatures are comfortable, and both lodgings and flights will be more affordable and available.

Late-December - March (Spring/High Season)
Spring is the high season in Jamaica. Beginning in late-December, tourists start flocking to Jamaica to experience the beautiful beaches. The real downsides of visiting during this time are that flights and hotels will be a lot more expensive and there will be crowds just about everywhere you’re planning on visiting.

April - mid-June (Summer/Off-Season)
The average temperature stays about the same at around 75 ℉ (23.9℃), but the crowds and prices have dropped drastically. The downside of visiting during these months is that the chance for rain increases tenfold, with hurricane season officially commencing on June 1.

Mid-June - October (Summer/Fall/Hurricane Season)
In June, the Hurricane Season officially begins, which means flight and room rates will be lowest annually. If you choose to travel during this season, expect rain, but there won’t be crowds, and the rates will be a lot lower. It’s recommended that you buy travel insurance for plane cancelations or delays if you want to visit Jamaica during this season.

Hispaniola (Hati/the Dominican Republic)

November - April (Fall/Winter/High-Season)
The best time to visit Hispaniola is during these months. The temperatures perfect, but it’s a little rainy at times, especially in the northern areas of Hispaniola, but the rain generally comes in short bursts that don’t last more than an hour. Additionally, the humidity will be pretty low when compared to other seasons, and hotel and flight rates won’t be outrageous during these months. 

May - mid-June (Spring/Summer/Off-Season)
During the summer in Hispaniola, the temperatures begin to get extremely hot. Although hurricane season doesn’t begin until June, a fraction of the rains are present, as more build-up towards the beginning of Hurricane Season.

Late-June - October (Summer/Hurricane Season)
The hurricane season in Hispaniola officially commences on June 1, but it’s not likely to be a problem until late July or August. During this season, lodging and flight prices go down drastically, and the chance of rain is very high, especially towards the end of the season.

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