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Biking in Chile

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BikersFor many, bike touring is the ideal way to get to know a landscape. The pace allows for much closer observation than motorized travel, but allows for a greater traveling range than walking. Sounds and smells allow for a more intimate connection, provide more context. Speed, exercise, and adrenaline are all self-administered, meaning that the members of a single group can have a variety of different experiences, depending upon individual tastes and abilities.

The most common concerns about bike touring have to do with safety, principally traffic. Our biking excursions visit areas far from the main road, where traffic is sparse to nonexistent - unless you consider a team of oxen, or a huaso on horseback, to be traffic. Most trips travel over trails or dirt roads, for which reason mountain bikes are standard issue.

Single-track riders will find that many destinations feature extensive networks of trails, though many are intended for horses and are too rough for bike transit.

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