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Birding tours in Chile

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PenguinsChile's incredibly varied habitats are home to some 430-450 bird species, 12 of which are endemic to the mainland or offshore islands, another 80 of which inhabit ranges limited either to the southern cone (Chile-Argentina) or northern coastal desert and Humboldt Current (Chile-Peru). Novice birders will find Chile to be an excellent introduction to the Neotropical families without the confusion produced by the extreme diversity of the tropics.

Veteran South American birders will most likely focus on endemic and limited-range species. Even the rankest beginners will be fascinated by dramatic, eye-catching species including 3 species of flamingos, Magallanic and Humboldt penguins, Lesser and Puna Rheas, and the ubiquitous Andean Condor.

Plan your birding tour to coincide with the Chilean spring (September-November), when migrant birds from North America will have arrived at wintering grounds, and local breeders will have returned from their own wintering grounds in the north.

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