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Crusoe Island Lodge, Chile

Crusoe Island Lodge

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Enjoy the superb services of the attentive lodge staff at Crusoe Island Lodge and Spa. Get a good rest in one of 15 rooms and suites that overlook the Pangal Bay for accommodation. Treat yourself to lobster and crab prepared in creative fashion by the Chef alongside a glass of wine from an excellent Chilean reserve. Enjoy one of many activities offered on the island or relax and stay for a massage while enjoying views of the bay.

The staff at Crusoe Island Lodge cares about every detail of your trip! Every detail will be attended to by members of the staff to ensure that entire stay in enjoyable.
Dramatic shoreline surrounds Robinson Crusoe Island

Robinson Crusoe Island Castaway

5 Day Itinerary
Fishing, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Land, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
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This was our first trip to South America and we were a little nervous. But Adventure Life made things so easy! All our questions were answered before we left, and our guide, Vidal, was amazing! He gave us enough space to explore without rushing us along. He also knew where the best picture taking opportunities were, which was great.
Lindsay Gompf

Activities from the Crusoe Island Lodge

Crusoe Island Lodge features a spa with a spectacular view of the Pangal Bay. This creates a harmonious environment in connection with nature and the sea. Massage services serve to connect guests emotions with their physical wellbeing, to relax and rejuvenate. The Spa offers a menu of massage options for those interested in the ultimate Crusoe Island pampering.

Explore the town of San Juan Bautista
While arriving to the Lodge either from the sky or sea you will view the village of San Juan Bautista. With a population of approximately 600 people it has several key points of historical, natural and cultural interest such as: The sectors affected by a Tsunami in 2010, the city square, the historical cemetery, the caves of the patriots, the sector impacts of bullet of the battle of the Dresden and Santa Barbara�s fort, and the national monument that dates back from the 18th century. Also visit goldsmiths of black coral and craftsmen who work fish leather.

Yunque's Small Square
Embark on a path which takes you to the start of the highest summit of the island - �El Yunque� - with a height of 915 m. It is tucked into Pangue's native forest of Cinnamon-trees and Naranjillos, offering light trekking but full of surprises and beautiful sights. Trek to the remains of a house where German sailor Hugo Weber lived for more than 12 years after retreating to the island following the collapse of the Dresden.

Sal Si Puedes Viewpoint
Trek mainly uphill on a clearly delineated path which can be very slippery after a rain. This trek is predominated by exotic flora and will entrance hikers along the way. The path contains the story that it contains original segments from a historical road used by convicts attempting to escape their sentencing. It is said that along this path some managed to escape and some did not, giving the viewpoint the equivalent of �Get out if you can� in English. Once the summit is obtained enjoy the infinite sight to the Pacific Ocean, Cumberland's bay for the northwest and the sector of �Puerto Ingl�s� to the southwest.

Centinela Viewpoint
This path begins from the lodge and heads towards the northeast portion of the island, ending in a viewing-point where the formerly only telegraph in town can be spotted along with a beautiful glimpse of the gully of the �pesca de los viejos�. Further walking from the viewing point begins a closed native forest, so return roundtrip on the trail back to the lodge.

Selkirks Viewpoint
This viewing-point was used by Alejandro Selkirk, a Scottish sailor who auto-exiled himself in the island and remained in it for more than 4 years. His is the interesting story which served as the inspiration of Daniel Defoe's famously known novel 'Robinson Crusoe's Incredible Adventures�. This path surrounded by native flora takes hikers to a strategic point where it is possible to have a panoramic sight of both sides of the island. On the way pass two important icons �piedras pintadas� and the stone cabin where this historic sailor found shelter. From the viewpoint, continue downhill through the native forest and encounter chontas, pangue and cinnamon-trees.

�Puerto Franc�s� & �Rebaje de la Pina"
Begin your journey via watercraft, loading from the wharf in front of the Lodge. Navigate towards the French port bordering the �Quebrada piedra agujereada�, �La Labra� and �La Pesca de los Viejos�. Upon your arrival, walk into gully which once inhabited by the French, passing the �La Casa Vieja� (Old House) and �Plan de la Sopaipilla�. Continue on into the endemic forest surrounded with Lumas, Naranjillos, Chontas, Cinnamon-trees and varieties of ferns.

About the midday draw near to �Rebaje de la Pi�a� at a height of 320 meters, offering panoramic views of the whole south hillside of the island including the small island �El Verdugo�, �Chamelos�, �Vinilla� and Santa Clara�s island. Return back to the French Port to enjoy an outdoor lunch prepared with typical fish entrees special to this port.

�Cruce de Isla� Trekking
This trek starts from the island�s airfield and continues up to the town of San Juan Bautista. The first section is characterized as low difficulty with a relatively flat trail of the south hillside of the island with beautiful sights of small islands. Then from Villagra's sector begin the ascent to Selkirk�s view-point, crossing the native forest ending in a beautiful sight of both sides of the island.

Abundant opportunities to fish the shores and open waters surrounding Crusoe Island are available. Fishing the Juan Fernandez's coast is a popular pastime with guests to these remote shores. Consult with your lodge staff to determine the best locations and availability, depending on season and weather.

Discover Lobster Catching
Accompany a tour on board one of the watercraft to discover the handcrafted hunt for Juan's Fernandez lobster (Jasus frontalis). Enjoy a typical island lunch with a �pot of lobster� and vidriola accompanied by a few glasses of Chilean wine.

Troll Fishing
�Trolling Fishing� along the Juan Fernandez�s coast tours are available, and capture vidriolas, Juan's Fernandez horse mackerel saws and bass among many others.

Submarine Baptism
Your instructor of skin-diving Padi will give you an orientation on physics and physiology of the scuba diving, as well as the instruction on how to use the equipment of autonomous scuba diving and to get used to this new submarine environment. Then, down the supervision of the instructor, support scuba diver and captain of the craft, go in for a real scuba diving experience to a maximum depth of 15 m. where you will have a clearer vision of the submarine world of Juan's Fernandez archipelago.
Duration: 4 hours
Difficulty: Medium

Scuba diving to �Punta Lober�a�
Dip in just above a couple of anchors located on the nose of Englishman Speedwell, run aground in 1720. You should be able to see pampanitos (Scorpis Chilensis), horse mackerels (Caranx geogianus), Jerguillas (Girella albostriata) and l�bridos (Malapterus reticulatus). Depth 28mts. Surface interval of 45mins.
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

Scuba diving to �Puerto Ingl�s� (English Port)
Dip below �Puerto Ingl�s�, in the gully of �Sal si puedes� (depth of 28 mts). Diverse marine flora and fauna. Dive around a great rock fractured in two. Brown eels, crustaceans, tree of sea or black coral (Parantypathes fernandezii) can be seen. Go back to the surface after 60 mins in order to disembark in �Puerto Ingl�s� where Selkirk's cave is located. Here the North American investigator, Bernard Keiser, is doing scientific excavations to dig a valuable exchequer up which originates from the Spanish in time of the pirates.
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

Scuba diving to �Punta San Carlos�
Dip in at �Puerto San Carlos�. Dive through volcanic tongue that begins in the 25mts and slowly ends at the 3 mt mark. Colonies of anemones, black hedgehog and vidriolas (Seri�la lalandii) can be seen, then return to the wharf.
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

Scuba diving to �Bajo del Encierro
Dip in at �Bajo del Encierro� with a depth of 15mts, where you will find an extensive array of tendrils, soles, cabrillas and vidriolas.
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

Scuba diving to the Goblin�s cave
An hours boat ride takes you to the spectacular Cave of the Goblin in Three Tops in the southern part west of Cumberland�s bay. Deep diving here is one of the Robinson Crusoe's best sectors. Crustaceans, vidriolas, daces, calanthias platei, serr�nidos, horse mackerels, escorporas, big brown breads are all abundantly seen. Surface interval of 50 min.
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

Scuba diving to �Bajo la Tortuga�
Dip in at �Bajo la Tortuga�. This wonderful place, with a depth of 15mts, offers the only spectacle of big rocky formations, caves, and a diversity of flora and fauna marinades (black coral, tendrils, soles, cabrillas and vidriolas).
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

Snorkelling in Pangal Bay
In your free time, enjoy the snorkelling in Pangal Bay from the Lodge's private beach. Here you will be be able to see wolves, pampanitos, jurelillos, hedgehogs, as well as a great quantity of anemones of different colors, and vidriolas.
Duration: Variable
Difficulty: Medium

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