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Talari Mountain Lodge

Talari Mountain Lodge

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Talari Mountain Lodge Talari Mountain Lodge Talari Mountain Lodge Talari Mountain Lodge
Talari Mountain Lodge is the perfect retreat for the adventure tourist, nature lover and those seeking a peaceful sanctuary on a Costa Rica tour. The land plays host to over 222 species of birds. It is nestled within the beautiful El General Valley next to the mighty Chirripo River.

If you are interested in discovering the real untouched Costa Rica, away from the crowded tourist spots, Talari is the destination for you. Aside from many things to do independently, Talari offers many full-day and half-day tours and activities including birdwatching and hiking to
enable you to explore this beautiful part of the country.

The lodge is located at the gateway of Southern Costa Rica, 5km north-east of San Isidro el General, 10 minutes off the Interamericana Highway on the road to Chirripo National Park.

All of the newly refurbished 12 rooms offer private bathroom with solar heated hot water shower (it really works!); screening & mosquito nets, fan, fridge and a small terrace.

The lodge offers excellent food in the restaurant. A 3 course evening meal costs 15 USD. Chefs freshly prepare everything according to market availability. Please let us know before hand if you require a vegetarian option or have special dietary requirements.

The beautiful grounds at Talari Mountain Lodge are a mixture of landscaped gardens, 180m river frontage and secondary rainforest. Thanks to fruit trees and flowers, over 200 species of birds are found on the 8 hectare property, along with colorful butterflies, squirrels, iguanas, tolumucos, skunks, sloths and some amazing moths at dusk. Access to the rooms is on the level.

The pool is a great place to cool off or relax in a hammock with a good book. El General river flows along the bottom of the grounds. This is a lovely spot to view the Talamanca mountains and in the dry season a natural bathing pool is formed. There are around 2 kms of trails throughout the property, running from the river and up through the forest.

Additional Activities

*Chirripo Trek
*Paraguas Hike

Bird Spotting:
*Los Cusingos Biological Reserve
*Las Quebradas Biological Reserve
*Finca Suizos Birding Tour
*Talari Birding

Waterfalls and Hotsprings:
*Thermal springs
*Nauyaca waterfalls

Trails and Small Hikes:
*Llano Bonito trail
*Cloudbridge trail
*Talari Trails

*Pacific Beaches
*Parque Reptilandia

Bird List
Neotropical cormorant
White ibis
Great blue heron
Little blue heron
Cattle egret
Great egret
Green backed green heron
White throated crake
Grey necked wood rail
Spotted sandpiper
Western sandpiper
Gray-headed chachalaca
Little tinamou
Zone-tailed hawk
Turkey vulture
Black vulture
Common black hawk
Black hawk-eagle
Crested caracara
Black-shouldered kite
American swallow-tailed kite
Laughing falcon
Yellow-headed caracara
Pearl kite
Double-toothed kite
Cooper's hawk
Hook-billed kite
Short-tailed hawk
Roadside hawk
Broad-winged hawk
Gray hawk
Black-chested hawk
White hawk
Gray-headed kite
White-tailed hawk
Swainson's hawk
Red-tailed hawk
Red-billed pigeon
Scaled pigeon
Short-billed pigeon
Blue ground-dove
Ruddy ground-dove
Plain-breasted ground-dove
White-tipped dove
Ruddy quail-dove
White-crowned parrot
Brown-hooded parrot
Crimson-fronted parakeet
Olive-throated parakeet
Sulfur-winged parakeet
Orange-chinned parakeet
Common potoo
Motted owl
Tropical Screech-owl
Striped cuckoo
Squirrel cuckoo
Smooth-billed ani
Lesser nighthawk
Common pauraque
White-collared swift
Chestnut-collared swift
Lesser swallow-tailed swift
Band-rumped swift
Barn swallow
Cliff swallow
Gray-breasted martin
South rough-winged swallow
Blue-and-white swallow
Little Hermit
Bronzy Hermit
Violet sabrewing
Scaly-breasted hummingbird
Green-breasted mango
White-necked jacobin
Long-billed starthroat
Snowy-bellied hummingbird
Blue-throated goldentail
Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Fork-tailed emerald
Beryl-crowned hummingbird
White-crested coquette
Violet-headed hummingbird
Violacious trogon
Ringed kingfisher
Amazon kingfisher
Green kingfisher
Blue-crowned motmot
Lineated woodpecker
Fiery-billed aracari
Chestnut-mandibled toucan
Red-headed barbet
Hoffmann's woodpecker
Red-crowned woodpecker
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Olivaceous piculet
Wedge-billed woodcreeper
Streaked-headed woodcreeper
Black-banded woodcreeper
Black-striped woodcreeper
Buff-throated foliage-gleaner
Great antshrike
Barred antshrike
Black-hooded antshrike
Slaty Antwren
Slaty spinetail
Pale-breasted spinetail
Orange-collared manakin
Red-capped manakin
Blue-crowned manakin
White-ruffed manakin
White-winged becard
Black-and-white becard
Masked tityra
Black-crowned tityra
Turquoise cotinga
Tropical kingbird
Eastern kingbird
Fork-tailed flycatcher
Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Bright-rumped attila
Piratic flycatcher
Sulphur-bellied flycatcher
Streaked flycatcher
Boat-billed flycatcher
Great kiskadee
Social flycatcher
Gray-capped flycatcher
Great-crested flycatcher
Dusky-capped flycatcher
Torrent tyrannulet
Black phoebe
Eastern wood-pewee
Tropical pewee
Bran-colored flycatcher
Yellow-bellied flycatcher
Ochre-bellied flycatcher
Common tody-flycatcher
Mistletoe tyrannulet
Yellow tyrannulet
Yellow-olive flycatcher
Southern beardless
Greenish elaenia
Mountain elaenia
Lesser elaenia
Rufous-breasted wren
Riverside wren
Plain wren
House wren
Orange-bill nightingale-thrush
Swainsons thrush
Clay-colored robin
White-throated robin
Gray catbird
Brown Jay
Rufous-browed peppershrike
Red-eyed vireo
Yellow-green vireo
Yellow-throated vireo
Lesser greenlet
Scrub greenlet
Philadelphia vireo
Rufous-capped warbler
Golden-crowned warbler
Three-striped warbler
Tennesee warbler
Buff-rumped warbler
Tropical gnatcatcher
Golden-winged warbler
Blackburnian warbler
Yellow-throated warbler
Black-and-white warbler
Prothonotary warbler
Yellow warbler
Wilson's warbler
Hooded warbler
Masked yellowthroat
Gray-crowned yellowthroat
Mourning warbler
Kentucky warbler
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Magnolia warbler
Louisiana watertrush
Northern watertrush
Orchard oriole
Northern Baltimore oriole
Red-breasted Blackbird
Bronzed cowbird
Great-tailed grackle
Yellow-crowned euphonia
Blue-hooded euphonia
Gray-headed tanager
Palm tanager
Shining honeycreeper
Red-legged honeycreeper Cyanerpe
Blue dacnis
Scarlet-thighed dacnis
Silver-throated tanager
Green honeycreeper
Speckled tanager
Bay-headed tanager
Spangled-cheeked tanager
Golden-hooded tanager
Blue-gray tanager
White-lined tanager
Western tanager
Cherry tanager
Summer tanager
Hepatic tanager
Scarlet tanager
Flame-colored tanager
Buff-throated saltator
Streaked saltator
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Blue-black grosbeak
Indigo bunting
Black-headed brush finch
Orange-billed sparrow
Yellow-bellied seedeater
Variable seedeater
Yellow-faced grassquit
Blue-black grassquit
Rufous-collared sparrow
Black-striped sparrow
Melodious blackbird
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