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Selva Verde's eco lodge is a haven for nature enthusiasts, hikers, bird and wildlife watchers, scientists and students, as well as adventure seekers. Nestled in the North-Central Lowlands of Costa Rica, Selva Verde's private reserve protects over 500 acres of primary and secondary rainforest.Less than a 2 hour drive from San José and Arenal Volcano, Selva Verde's Costa Rica rainforest lodge is an ideal rainforest experience on a Costa Rica tour. Situated in the increasingly popular "green county" of Sarapiquí, the scenic drive to this region is in itself awe inspiring. Committed to conservation, Selva Verde carries and supports the Certification for Sustainable Tourism. Whether you are interested in birding or white water rafting, traveling with friends or family, Selva Verde is more than a lodge and more than a rainforest reserve. It is the complete Costa Rica eco tour destination. Selva Verde's partner non profit organization, the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, offers opportunities for voluntourism and community interaction. Selva Verde Lodge founded SCLC to provide an education and conservation resource center for local people, travelers and volunteers. SCLC sets Selva Verde apart from other eco lodges in Costa Rica.Ecotourism at Selva VerdeWhen Selva Verde opened its doors in 1985, it was a pioneer in the business of ecotourism. Today they continue that tradition through their many efforts to ensure a sustainable future - for not only for Selva Verde, but also for the people and wildlife that call the Sarapiqui home.Certificate of Sustainable Tourism: In an effort to minimize its impact on the environment, Selva Verde is proud to carry and support Costa Rica's Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST). As they look to the future, they continually strive to implement the CST standards of excellence. The Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center: Founded in the 1990's by Giovanna Holbrook and Selva Verde Lodge, the Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center (SCLC) was established to promote conservation education in the communities surrounding Selva Verde. Today the SCLC is a fully independent nonprofit working to achieve a sustainable future for the people and wildlife of the region. Funded in part by its ecotourism activities, the SCLC offers opportunities for cultural exchange between visitors and local people through activities and service projects.Biodiversity Conservation:When Giovanna Holbrook purchased the property that would become Selva Verde, the Sarapiqui region was largely covered in rainforest. Today Selva Verde is truly a rainforest refuge – one piece in the patchwork of rainforest habitat found in the region today. A healthy future for Selva Verde's rainforest depends on innovative approaches to conservation and tourism in the region.Building Pathways for Wildlife: Selva Verde's 475 acres of rainforest provides critical habitat for rainforest wildlife – but it is not enough. They are actively working with their neighbors to connect Selva Verde to other rainforest reserves in the region. These crucial connections or "biological corridors" will allow rainforests species to move more freely – expanding their habitat and improving ecosystem health throughout the region.Birds don't have Boundaries: Selva Verde is a well known hotspot for birds – for decades it has been delighting expert and non-birders alike with its amazing avifauna. Now they are proud to take birding beyond their borders and connect their visitors to the new Costa Rica Bird Route – an innovative tourism project designed to promote bird habitat conservation throughout the Sarapiqui.Jungles of Selva VerdeSelva Verde is located in the midst of the 500 acre Sarapiqui Rainforest Preservation Area in the lush lowlands of northeastern Costa Rica. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts, bird and wildlife watchers, scientists and students, as well as adventure seekers.The rainforest surrounding Selva Verde provides habitat for over 300 bird species, 120 species of mammals, 48 amphibian species, 89 reptile species, more than 10,000 species of insects, 330 species of trees and countless plant species. Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world's known species.On a tour of Costa Rica's rainforest it is possible to find between 50 and 100 different tree species in a few acres. You will also find a wide diversity of plants, birds and animals. There are approximately 1,500 species of orchids alone.The buildings of Selva Verde Lodge are incorporated into the Costa Rican rainforest on platforms and elevated walkways that blend in with the natural environment. Our extensive network of covered walkways allows our guests to go on long walks throughout the rainforest observing wildlife, plants and birds while staying dry.Rainforest ProtectionSelva Verde Rainforest Reserve has been identified as a critical piece of the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor, part of the greater Mesoamerican Biological Corridor initiative, a proposal to connect protected habitat from southern Mexico and Belize to Panama.This region of Costa Rica's rainforest is important because it is the last remaining area where the Almond tree (Dipteryx panamensis) is dominant. It is the habitat for the endangered Great Green Macaw.Costa Rica's BirdsCosta Rica has a greater variety of bird species than all of North America and Europe. Now the Sarapiqui region is home to the Costa Rican Bird Route and Selva Verde is one of the established sites on the route.The route consists of twelve birding sites, teaming up established and newly created biological reserves, to offer a variety of bird watching opportunities and programs in the San Juan – La Selva Biological Corridor of northeastern Costa Rica's rainforest.The first of its kind in Central America, the Bird Route not only gives visitors access to primary rainforest, but also gives land owners access to tourism income and an alternative income to other activities that are not as environmentally sustainable.Jungle TreesSelva Verde's Costa Rica jungle lodge property is home to an award-winning almond tree. Already a mature tree when the Spanish came to the Americas in the late 1400s, the tree is approximately 600 years old.This enormous tree stands 54 meters (177 feet) high and 14 meters (46 feet) in circumference and in 2007 was recognized as a natural and national treasure of Costa Rica. It won the 2007 Exceptional Tree award from the INBIO, the National Institute for Biodiversity in Costa Rica.Almendro trees, or Dipteryx panamensis, are considered guardians of the tropical rainforest and a symbol for the region. They are also a critical part of the endangered Great Green Macaw's habitat. Its award winning tree should live for another 100 to 200 years.Lodge FacilitiesSelva Verde's Costa Rica rainforest lodge accommodations offer a comfortable adventure experience. It has 40 well-appointed rooms in its River Lodge, clustered in groups of 4, and 5 bungalows for families and groups.Selva Verde's Costa Rica eco lodge buildings are incorporated into the rainforest on platforms and elevated walkways that blend in with the natural environment. The walkways allow guests to go on long walks observing wildlife while staying dry.The River LodgeLocated near the Sarapiquí River, Selva Verde's charming River Lodge rooms rise above the rainforest floor on elevated platforms affording you a unique view of the surrounding flora and fauna. Rooms accommodate one to four guests in double beds. Wrap around balconies surround the River Lodge rooms offering ample seating and hammocks for enjoyment of our Costa Rica eco lodge surroundings on a Costa Rica trip.Rooms Feature: * Spacious wooden verandas with hammocks * Elevated views * Double or Queen Beds * Two pillows per person * 300 thread count bed linen * Screened windows with privacy shutters * Private bathrooms with double sinks and solar-heated hot water * Hair dryers * Safety boxes * Ceiling fansLodge BungalowsThe five rainforest bungalows now offer air conditioning as well as ceiling fans and screened windows. Discreetly tucked into the forest near the botanical garden, they are across the road from the River Lodge and public areas. Their secluded location affords a peaceful ambiance for relaxing and keeping an eye out for wandering wildlife. The bungalows are great for honeymooners and those desiring a little extra comfort and privacy while experiencing the wonder of the rainforest. While they are located approximately a 10 minute walk from the reception area, the path is lighted and almost completely covered making a very enjoyable, scenic walk via the botanical garden and secondary forest trails. In addition, this Costa Rica eco lodge has vehicle support for luggage ins and outs and other times when walking is not advantageous.Please note, however, that parts of the walk are uphill and have a number of wide stair steps. If walking on stairs or up inclines is a problem, the bungalows are not recommended. Rooms Feature:* Air Conditioning* Spacious and screened in balconies* Privacy curtains* Double or Queen Beds* Two pillows per person* 300 thread count bed linen* Private bathrooms with hot/cold water* Private bathrooms with double sinks and solar-heated hot water* 2 bathrobes* Coffee maker & morning coffee supplies* Refrigerator* SafesMeeting RoomsSelva Verde's conference rooms, meeting areas and classroom space, along with our accommodations and activities, make it a great destination for your organization's meetings, conferences and team building.Large Conference Room:Selva Verde has recently added a beautiful new conference room next to our reception area. The conference room seats 200 people in theater configuration and 100-150 people in other seating arrangements.Conference Room state-of-the-art features ; ;* » Wireless Internet ;* » Projectors * » Screen * » Air Conditioning With a wall of glass overlooking the forest, this room has a tranquil atmosphere and is very comfortable for meetings and conferences. Or, if you are considering a Costa Rican wedding, this room is excellent for private wedding banquets.Smaller Meeting Rooms:Selva Verde Lodge also offers a selection of lecture/classroom space, meeting rooms, and outdoor areas perfect for groups to gather and conduct their agendas.The smaller lecture room, equipped with dry-erase/chalk board, a retractable projector screen, and speakers for A/V use, can accommodate 45 people. This room is entirely screened in and offers a full view of the natural surroundings.Other amenities such as projectors, microphones, etc. can be supplied upon request.PoolAn inviting pool near the dining room area now awaits guests looking for a cool place to relax and refresh after an adventurous day of rainforest exploration. Located near the dining and bar area, the pool is easily accessible to bathrooms, and pool towels are available onsite for our swimmers. Dining Room and BarThe dining room and bar overlook the magnificent Sarapiqui River just at the point that our bridge to the Reserve stretches across it. The lodge's dining room is an ideal spot to enjoy your surroundings as well as tasty cuisine and refreshments.It's delicious buffet-style dining is a combination of local and international cuisine. Prepared by local women, the menu offers at least two main entrees accompanied by ample quantities of vegetables and other side dishes. Additionally, a fresh salad ingredients are always available at lunch and dinner as well as a dessert which is served tableside. A variety of juices, coffee, and tea complete your dining experience. Please Note: The kitchen can accommodate special meal requests with at least 24 advance notice.GiftshopSelva Verde's giftshop, located underneath the dining room has an excellent selection of Costa Rican crafts and gifts for every need and budget. Additionally, items for personal use, such as sunscreen, toothpaste, rain ponchos, etc can be acquired. Costa Rican stamps are available as well as natural history books and Costa Rican guides.The Selvita Bar is located below the dining area, also overlooking the beautiful Sarapiqui River. All types of refreshments and soft drinks can be enjoyed as well as beer, wine, and spirits both local and international. With tables and rocking chairs on our patio, the Selvita Bar is a definite stop for every guest.Additional ActivitiesComplimentary Birdwatching:Now guests can join our resident, naturalist guide for an investigation of the prolific avifauna of more than 300 species found in the Sarapiquí region in both the morning and afternoon. Your guide will help you to identify native and migratory birds by sight and song. Don't miss this opportunity to add new species to your birding list! Guided Nature Walks:Most of Selva Verde's 500 acres is a private rainforest reserve. Go hiking with a naturalist guides and learn about the primary rainforest environment. Walks are tailored to individual interests and needs. Wildlife Boat Ride:Glide down the Sarapiquí River in search of caiman, howler monkeys, iguanas, birds, and other tropical wildlife. Enjoy the covered boats Enjoy the motorized covered boats and drivers who are expert animal spotters. Whitewater Rafting: Depart from Selva Verde and journey through the Caribbean lowlands of Costa Rica. A preliminary safety orientation will prepare you for the challenges you'll face on the water. Keep an eye out for the diversity of the wildlife seen at the river's edge in between the Class I-III rapids. If you are a skilled rafter, we can arrange a more challenging excursion on Class III-IV rapids. All trips are escorted by a professional river guide. The take out is at Selva Verde Lodge, within minutes you will be resting and relaxing in your room.Cultural Exchange/Community Service:The Selva Verde Lodge campus houses the Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center (SCLC), an educational not-for-profit. The Center's mission is to support conservation and community development through education and ecotourism. Here you can interact with the Center's international volunteers and members of the Puerto Viejo community while participating in a variety of projects.Horseback Riding:Explore the Sarapiquí countryside and rain forest by horseback. Spot a variety of wildlife and gain insight into the cultural landscape of Sarapiqui. The ride is accompanied by a Spanish-speaking guide. Zipline Canopy Tour: This activity consists of 12 zip-lines located in Hacienda La Linda, a short drive from Selva Verde, included in the tour cost. During your exciting journey you can literally zoom across ornamental plants, tropical rainforest, and the magnificent Sarapiqui River, which you will cross two times during the trip. Throughout your experience, you will be accompanied by experienced guides, using specialized equipment of the highest quality. Family Activities Selva Verde Lodge and Rainforest Reserve is wonderful place for a family eco adventure. A trip to the rainforest of Costa Rica will be one your children will remember for the rest of their lives. They offer fun-filled activities, cultural exchanges, community service projects and environmental programs. Your family will enjoy sharing these unique experiences together.Family Eco Adventure ActivitiesSelva Verde's location is ideal for a fun-filled eco adventure. The Sarapiquí River flows through our reserve, offering exceptional white water rafting, boating and wildlife viewing. Eco Education Vacations:The Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center, funded by tourism activities, offers a great opportunity for families to experience intellectual and cultural exchanges with local people. SCLC offers activities, service projects and environmental programs.The SCLC is dedicated to linking communities and environmental conservation through education and ecotourism.

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