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Heading home

We had an easy morning as our flight wasn't until 3:30 in the afternoon. I got up fresh as a daisy and after a quick breakfast decided I really wanted to take a walk into the city center area to get some photographs of the city life. It was just at rush hour and most of the people on the street were coming towards me, not to mention all the traffic heading my way on a one-way street – lots to photograph.

The travel day home adds to the exhaustion. Must get to the airport early. Some technical things that disappointed me. Couldn't get good information on the departure tax so got cash out at ATM (and charged by bank). No signage at the airport to direct you to paying the departure tax before getting in the line. Was very strange that a foreign country has a cash register with US dollars and charges you to leave in US dollars. I had to check my newly purchased hammock and decided to have it wrapped for nine dollars to protect it (good because the wrap was showing wear when I picked it up at the end). Once we made it through the ticket line we were stuck in the airport. Trying to find decent food was unsuccessful. After a week long experience of amazing local food we were smacked in the face but horrible US chain food and no other choices. $10 hamburger from BK is not my idea of nutrition. The food at the airport was expensive and I'd paid more than I'd anticipated for food in San Jose.

8 hours later on two flights our adventure wasn't quite over. It was middle of the night in a Boston suburb with 2.5 feet of snow on our cars that had to be shoveled out before we could go home, except for the friend who let us park at her house.

You know you've had an amazing vacation when it takes at least half the time to recover!

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