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Above and Below the Sea

Church at Santa Cruz
Church at Santa Cruz
Bright and early, our guide Erick met us for our BIG snorkel day. As we headed south towards Sierpe, I was hoping our guide would know something about the stone spheres that were unique to the area. We hit the jackpot, as Erick was able to share a tremendous amount of information about the artifacts. Researchers are still not exactly sure how the culture was able to produce such well formed spheres as they have not found any tools that were used. They do know that many of the large spheres were made over several generations and were thought to be related to navigation. It also appears that the culture had ties to Peru and Easter Island. We were able to see several very large spheres in a pleasant park in Palmar Sur. The craftsmanship without modern technology was truly amazing.

Soon after we left the park we met our boat and were motoring down the Sierpe River. Our captain suddenly slowed the boat to show us a boa, slithering through a hole in a tree. I still do not know how he was able to see it when we were traveling at such fast speed. We arrived at Cano Island and eagerly jumped into the clear water below us. Off we went, each in a different direction it seems to observe the beautiful underwater world. Part of the joy of snorkeling is not knowing what you will find just around the next rock. In this case, it was a large school of jack fish swimming slowly in a circular motion. We were able to float above them enjoying the show. After a lunch break on the island, we got one more chance to swim with the fish then we were off for the boat ride home. As we re-entered the river we encountered a crocodile sunning himself of the banks. What happened next was truly a surprise. Again, the boat captain slowed and pointed to trees lining the river bank. There scampering from branch to branch was a group of White Faced Capuchin monkeys. Even more amazing was a mother, with her cute baby clinging to her back, jumping from branch to branch looking for fruit. We all added a significant amount of pictures to our memory cards!

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