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What to Pack for a Danube River Cruise

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A Danube River cruise packing list during the months of May through September starts with essentials like lightweight trousers, shorts, comfortable walking shoes, a sweater for cooler days, a combination of short and long sleeve shirts to layer, and one set of semi-formal clothes for specialty dinners. Other items that are helpful are a small power strip, backup batteries, and an all-purpose adapter.

River cruise wear is generally casual and bringing shorts, comfortable pants, broken-in walking shoes, and a light rain jacket during the summer is recommended. Some cruise lines may have dress codes for dinner or other meals. When packing think utility not quantity; while cabins are comfortable, remember that you will have limited storage space. Other things to consider is that some Danube River cruises have hot tubs, fitness centers, and others stop at ports of call where you can visit Turkish baths. Bringing a bathing suit and workout clothes is advised.

Personal Items
Keep in mind that cruise lines often provide their own soaps and shampoos that go beyond the basics. Items like hairdryers and umbrellas are also typically provided by the cruise company themselves too. By all means, bring essentials including medicine and items that aren’t readily available in Europe. It is also a good idea to bring a list of prescriptions and copies of your passport for doctors on board in case of emergency. 

Kindles, notepads, phones, and cameras are a few things to bring. Check with the cruise ship for details about power supplies-some have US plugs while others use European outlets. Most have free WiFi but it is always a good idea to check. Even if they do, the wifi is typically provided by cell phone reception, so there will be areas in the Danube where there is no cellular internet reception. Make sure to ask your phone carrier about roaming plans as there are different options available such as pocket WiFi devices, travel SIM cards, and using WhatsApp. One thing to remember is that free WiFi sometimes isn’t strong enough for video calls and streaming. Some phone carriers have international data packages that help manage the load.

Weather Considerations
Spring, summer, and fall in Europe cover a lot of ground and the Danube River is the second-longest in Europe winding its way through ten countries. Rain during spring in Germany isn’t unheard of, summer in Budapest can reach the upper eighties, and fall in Prague can mean warm days and chilly nights. Each region of the river has its own weather characteristics-on longer Danube river cruises be prepared to go through different climate zones in each country visited. 

As mentioned earlier, how much to bring is up to you but considering the amount of storage space is important. Soft suitcases are the best for cruises, and bringing a collapsible duffle bag for keepsakes and gifts is a great way to maximize your space without feeling hampered when at sea. Other key items of luggage include a daypack for extra clothing, cameras, and a water bottle during full days ashore, and a money belt or small handbag for cash, credit cards, and passports. 
To get started arranging a Danube River cruise through Europe exploring the different countries and cultures along its borders contact one of the Adventure Life travel experts.

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