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The wildlife in Indonesia is just as diverse and varied as is its landscape. Given the expanse of the islands' locations, just about every type of habitat is found in Indonesia, and therefore a variety of species which inhabit each kind of environment. This tiny island nation comprises only about 1.7% of the world’s land mass but contains some of the highest diversity of land mammal species in the world at 515 species.The birdlife in Indonesia is also prolific, with over 1500 species of bird being recorded, particularly off the island of New Guinea in Papua. Kalimantan (on Borneo Island) is known for its more remote Borneo jungle treks and for being the best place to spot orangutans in the wild. Large mammal species such as elephant, orangutan, and the elusive Sumatran Tiger make Sumatra Island their home. Endangered species of elephant can be spotted in Way Kambas National Park and the world’s largest (and perhaps meanest) lizard is found in Komodo Dragon National Park. See below a brief description of the some of the more notable wildlife in Indonesia and which islands they can be found. Plan your Indonesia tour around the wildlife you would most like to see during your visit.

Sumatran Tiger – This mythical creature still roams the jungles on Sumatra Island. It is estimated that only about 300 of them remain in the wild here, and efforts are underway to protect the animal.

Rhinoceros – These solitary animals are smaller in size compared to their African cousins and contain reddish, brown fur. They are found on the island of Sumatra.

Giant Squirrel – Found in the canopies of Sulawesi Island, these shy rodents can be hard to spot in the wild.

Sun Bear – These small, but often aggressive, bears can be found on most islands in Indonesia.

Slow Loris – These very slow primates are found on Java Island. They also hold the claim to fame of being the world’s only poisonous primates.

Orangutan - These magnificent creatures are most commonly spotted in the wild in Kalimantan, the Indonesia section of Borneo Island. Rapid habitat destruction for the creation of palm oil and recent forest fires has put these animals at critically dangerous low numbers.

Sumatran Elephant - One of three subspecies of Asian Elephant, these large creatures are native to the Island of Sumatra and also at critically low numbers.

Komodo Dragon - The world’s largest lizard species, they are found in the wild only in Indonesia in Komodo Dragon National Park which is comprised of many islands lying to the east of West Nusa Tenggara island. These stealthy creatures can grow up to 70kg in the wild.

Babirusa – This odd combination of a pig and a deer is found here. Their numbers are in decline due to poaching and habitat loss.

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