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Couple of sea lions
Couple of sea lions
(From Natasha)

Two months have passed already since our journey. Our feelings became calm and we are able to look backwards and analyze our trip. We asked ourselves many questions.

We are surprised how easy it was to go so far away from our home, to the other end of world. It was as though an angel carried us on his wings all thirty four thousands kilometers and said us to ''look here'' and put our attention there. Our journey was a very extreme one. During our Road 40 trip we had been thinking about these extreme conditions. What is that? Extreme isn't a normal walk somewhere and returning home if something went wrong, to leave it for sometime in future.

We took off in planes nine times and landed nine times. We sailed via awfully rough seas. We tasted strong winds as we had never tasted at home. We went along a road in a middle of South America and saw neither a habitation nor car there. We understood what an extreme situation is (time, place or conditions) which you can't leave even if you wish. You must go ahead to the finish. You have to change yourself - change your mind and emotions. You should relax your body, remove any fear and trust in the rudiment of the world, which leads you in the moment of life.

We have met many excellent and friendly people. Some of them were living there, others were traveling. They, as well as we, brought heartfelt love into that corner of the world. And we, all travelers, are serving Earth, to our Mother, to our Home in Space. We give her our love, our admiration, our thanks and our thoughts, and she give us a power, health and joy.

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