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Pictographs and wildlife

tango demonstration before we left port
tango demonstration before we left port
A day with a choice: hiking from camp up to the base of the Torres (the spires visible from the Eco-Camp when the clouds deigned to lift), or a hike through puma country to see pictographs and possibly some wildlife. Opted for the pictographs, as the weather didn’t look optimal for the hike to the Torres. Furthermore we were told that you don't get much of a view until you actually get all the way up the trail to the final viewpoint, a long uphill haul. Away from the mountains, however, the day was nice…it was a pleasant hike past grazing guanacos (as well as bones of guanacos who had been puma lunch, hmmm), then up a gentle hill; we saw interesting pictographs (1,000 years old?) under a rock outcrop. The guide gave us several possible interpretations of their meaning, one being that a puma had killed some of the natives. Hmmmm again. (And where exactly do these pumas hang out, we wondered, as we looked around). Also saw grey foxes, condors (high above us, looking for dead animals to lunch on...maybe they're in cahoots with the pumas?). The lakes in the lowlands sometimes had pink flamingos in the grassy shallows. It wasn't clear from what the guides said if there were fish in these lakes, but the white shorelines and lack of much vegetation around these bodies of water suggested a high salt content...maybe the flamingos find brine shrimp?

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