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Piloto and Nena Glaciers

The Andes above Ushuaia
The Andes above Ushuaia
Last full day on the boat. Sailed through the fjord-like western channels of Tierra del Fuego, under cold grey skies and intermittent rain. Another lecture--on the Magellan Strait--a sailing knots demonstration, and a discussion of the wines of Chile with a generous glass of Carménère. Considering this was on an empty stomach before lunch, and then at lunch we were offered yet more wine with our meal, a nap after lunch seemed like a good idea! Late afternoon we got back in the Zodiac boats, in two shifts this time to take us all (this was a look-see trip, where we would not be getting out on shore). We sped off in the drizzly rain up a fjord to visit the beautiful if unreal-blue Piloto Glacier and the dirty brown Nena Glacier, one advancing and one retreating, both in the same fjord. Lots of pieces of ice in the water, ranging from small icebergs to pieces the size of basketballs. Many of the Zodiac boats brought back small ones with interesting patterns. The Piloto Glacier obliged our visit with a great cracking sound and shedding of a few chunks into the sea, while we bobbed in our boats in the rain and snapped photo after photo. My camera has yet to recover from the wet and cold (note to self, if we ever do something like this again, TAKE A WATERPROOF COVER for the camera...I had seen that on the Adventure Life packing list, but that was one thing I hadn't brought!).

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