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Galapagos Through the Eyes of an Artist \ Photos

Me and my buddy, marine iguana
working on a painting
acrylic painting of two of the body styles of land tortioses
acrylic painting of the currents going to Galapagos
Acrylics, colored pencil
acrylic painting, Blue Footed booby
acrylic painting of the marine iguana on Espanosa
Acrylics, colored pencil
Colored pencil drawing of Galapagos sea lion
The Archipelago, painted in acrylics then gold leafed
acrylics and colored pencil, land iguana
pencil sketch describing the types of Darwin finch beaks
pencil sketches of the Darwin finches
collage and painted map of Galapagos, with sand added for texture
detail of sand texture
after painting, I started adding information as I got it
acrylic, flightless cormorant, detail
acrylics, sea turtle babies, detail
acrylics, sea turtle babies, detail
acrylics, colored pencil, frigate bird
Acrylics, colored pencil, frigate bird
acrylics, penguin, full page
acrylics, penguin, detail
acrylics, flightless cormorant, single page
acrylics, Sally Lightfoot crab
1st view of Galapagos islands!
colored pencil, iguana
Finished map in acrylics and gold leaf
My home made camera cover
Closeup where I reinforced it with packing tape
Take the eye protector thingee off
Feed the plastic on and reattach cover
Good to go in the rain!
perfect for packing and to line your backpack
Sierra Negra Volcano hike
Darwin finch
lava lizard
land iguana
Diving booby!
Parrot fish
Sally Lightfoot crab
slightly wetter Sally Lightfoot crab
Bachas beach
Turtle bones
Bachas beach
Our room
Storage area
Private bath
Sample daily itinerary
view out of the window!
immature frigate, or a female. Sometimes I couldn't remember.
If a female flew over, they would open their wings and call.
The throat pouch makes a handy shade
Pouches make handy pillows as well!
The pouch flaps back and forth when they fly!
Red footed booby
Nazca booby
Galapagos fur sea lion
Galapagos fur sea lion
Galapagos fur sea lion
Galapagos fur sea lion
Our Guide on Prince Phillips Steps
From the top of Prince Phillip's steps
Darwin finch
Red billed tropic bird
Short-eared lava owl
Short-eared lava owl
Bartolome island lava
another amazing day planned!
You can definately see the volcano's work.
The rust color is the 'print' a tree left behind when the lava came through!
Galapagos penguin
Acrylics, penguin
Blue Footed Boobys
Blue footed booby facts
Galapagos hawk
White tip reef shark and starfish
Underwater Lava Tube
Underwater Lava Tube
snorkeling siting list
It wasn't unusual to see several people on one bicycle!
Marine Iguana facts
Osha approved boat painting!
baby Mockingbird
The shape a pelican makes before hitting the water
Two months old!
Saved from a volcanic eruption by helicopter!
Our "View" Of Sierra Negra Volcano
Eagle ray
Golden rays
Red is for researchers only!
Storm Petrels, named after Peter, who walked on water
Flightless cormorant
The eye color is amazing
Peppery black and white sand of Urbina Bay, and a sea turtle egg
Sea Lion in Tagus Cove
zig-zag spider
Headed to Darwin Lake
Darwin Lake
Darwin Lake
View from the slopes of Volcan Darwin
Incoming marine iguanas
This one is cold--as he warms up he will go back to black.
snake skin
Garden eel
Garden eel
White tipped reef shark
T's tagalong!  It hid in the small of his back most of the snorkel time!
Crossing the equator
Sea Lion and Guantanamera boat
Rabida Island
sea lion tracks
Rabida Island
Daphne Island
Daphne Island
Snake eating lizard
Mosquera Island
Sea turtle tracks
Iguana u turn!
1/2 of a Galapagos centipede
Fish market!
My buddy, Darwin Finch
Yummy!  Cake with sweet cream
Murals everywhere!
La Peregrina
La Peregrina
Things dumb people tried to bring to Galapagos
Sinks in Quito airport
Tortuga bay
Our place to hide in the shade and argue with Wifi
Endemic Red-lipped Bat Fish
Can you clear your mask?
Nice cliff wall at Guy Fawkes Sur
Often sea turtles wedge themselves in to nap
Moray eel
Vermilion Tanager
Vermilion Tanager
Traffic to Old Town
Church of La Compania De Jesus
Inside a shop
A drive up sundae stop seperate from the drivethru!
Relaxing evening at La Rabida!
Strange fruit in the hotel
This guy was pretty territorial.
Sea turtles, acrylics and colored pencil
Vermilion Tanager, acrylic, marker and colored pencil
diving booby, acrylics and colored pencil
Finished Journal cover
Finished journal cover, back

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