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Scuba Diving

We met a veterinarian studying in Galapagos--her current job is catching Short Earred Owls and collecting DNA samples to see if they vary from island to island.  She was planning on diving with Academy Bay Scuba in two days, and offered us her spot so that my husband and I could go instead.  So nice of her!  We had to dive then, because our trip was coming to a close and you can't dive and fly in the same 24 hours.  And we got in with a recommendation that this is a quality shop.   It is!  They were professional and informative.  The gear seemed well maintained.  They fitted us the night before, so that we could leave early the next day with no hitches. 
We had about a 45 minute, rough, fast ride to our site off of Pinzon Island.  Travel tip:  Dramamine only works if you take it early.  If you start to feel sick, it is pretty much too late.  A girl on our boat was throwing up 20 minutes out of the harbor.  Our guide reviewed with this group, as there were two new divers,  and the rest of us hadn't dove in awhile.  He gave us clear expectations of what he wanted.  We went into the water, and he had us demonstrate that we could clear the water out of our masks, and we could locate our regulators if the mouthpiece got away from us.  Two sea lions frolicked in the distance.  And then we were off! 

Endemic Red-lipped Bat Fish
Endemic Red-lipped Bat Fish (Staci Edwards)

This moment is my artist's inspiration for today.  I was so mesmerized by the way the turtles just appeared and disappeared into the blue.
Sea turtles, acrylics and colored pencil
Sea turtles, acrylics and colored pencil (Staci Edwards)

It is hard to describe, and hard to paint.  I am not sure I captured it.  I may try again on canvas, where I have a little more control over the paint.  Watercolor paper tends to do its own thing.
Moray eel
Moray eel (Staci Edwards)

This was a two dive, two tank trip--one by Pinzon Island and the other at a place called Guy Fawkes Sur.  Not the best visibility, a little bit of current, but not bad.  Water temperature was wonderful...we weren't sure why they fitted us with full wetsuits.  Very comfortable.  At one point, we were surrounded by 7 or 8 sea turtles.  We searched and searched for sea horses but were unsuccessful.  But the rest of it was marvelous!
Some of these photos were taken by the guide, some are from my GoPro.
More pictures in the album...

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