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The Archipelago

The Galapagos Islands are amazing.  Basically, everything you have ever heard of, that is cool and awesome...is absolutely true. You might be eye to eye with a Blue Footed Booby.  You might get splashed in the face by a sea lion.  You might find yourself having a conversation with a salt-spitting, crusty old marine iguana.  And it is marvelous!  How did it all come together?   I did some research before I went, and found one of the reasons Galapagos is special is because of all the different currents that converge on the archipelago (fancy word for a group of islands).   As I read, I pictured the currents as various colors, swirling and mixing as they clashed into each other.  The result became a painting in acrylics and gold leaf. 
acrylic painting of the currents going to Galapagos
acrylic painting of the currents going to Galapagos (Staci Edwards)

As I flew into Baltra airport, I imagined what it was like to be an animal, riding in on a bit of driftwood all those years ago. 
1st view of Galapagos islands!
1st view of Galapagos islands! (Staci Edwards)
The islands are really only the top of undersea volcanos.

What would it have been like to arrive as they were formed?
colored pencil, iguana
colored pencil, iguana (Staci Edwards)

What an experience that must have been!


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