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Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge

Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge

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​Soak up the Alaskan wilderness at this intimate, timber-framed lodge in the island community of Halibut Cove, adjoining Kachemak Bay State Park. Enjoy three deliciously prepared meals and highly personalized attention with majestic scenery, miles of beaches, and secluded saltwater coves right out the front door. This region is 90% wilderness and therefore presents critical habitat for viewing and observing a variety of wildlife in a natural setting. The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge is a sanctuary that encompasses one-third of the Kenai Peninsula and provides a habitat for moose, bears, wolves, sheep, goats, caribou, and much more. 

About Alaska’s Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge:

Alaska’s Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge is located on the Kenai Peninsula, on the South side of Kachemak Bay in Halibut Cove, Alaska, and is adjacent to the Kachemak Bay State Park, just 7 miles from Homer, Alaska.

This best family lodge is committed to making your time in Alaska memorable. The family behind this lodge has a combined experience of 65 years on Kachemak Bay and in Kachemak Bay State Park. Whether your interest is fishing, glacier kayaking, wildlife viewing, bear viewing, or hiking in the mountains, they can show you Alaska at its best.

Indulge your senses by watching for whales, porpoises, sea otters, and seals from the decks that surround the lodge. This ecosystem is quite unlike any other. Enjoy the sounds and smells of this rich marine environment.

The lodge was built using timbers from the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska created a building that complements the environment. The Douglas fir, timber-framed bedrooms offer plenty of space with large windows and panoramic views of the bay, mountains, and beaches, along with private baths and an undeniably Alaskan flavor.

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Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge Lodge's Living Area Dining Area Living Area Hiking in Kachemak Bay Hiking in Kachemak Bay State Park Hiking in the Park Fishing in the park Hiking in Kachemak Bay Park Wildlife viewing Wildlife in Kachemak Bay Wildlife in the bay Wildlife in the park Wildlife in the Park


Standard Room
Standard Room


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Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge

5 Day Itinerary
  • Stay in a remote Wilderness Lodge
  • Stay in comfortable cabins
  • Adventure on foot, or by kayak
  • Spot seal, bears, and birdlife
Fishing, Hiking, Kayaking, Land Tours, Village Visits, Wilderness Lodge Exploration, Wildlife Viewing
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Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge Excursions

Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge is especially recognized for high-quality and authentic Alaska adventures that showcase the best Alaska has to offer. Please note that as the lodge is located on an island, all activities offered require a short boat ride to the Kachemak Bay State Park. Below are the included tours in the cost of your stay unless otherwise indicated.

Alaska Wildlife Tour:
The marine wildlife tour of Kachemak Bay is included in your stay at the Ridgewood. This six-hour tour begins with the Bird and Wildlife
Viewing portion. We start with a short boat ride from Ridgewood to Gull Island – a bird sanctuary to eight nesting species of birds: Pelagic Cormorants, Red-faced Cormorants, Horned Puffins, Blacklegged Kittiwakes, Common Murres, Glaucous-winged Gulls, Tufted Puffins, and Pigeon Guillemots. Many other species may be found here during migration, both before and after nesting. Marine mammals are also common here, such as sea otters, river otters, mink, seals, whales, and porpoises. Occasionally, black bears can be spotted on the beach that comes out of the forest to forage on crustaceans and mollusks.

The next portion of the tour will include an art and culture exploration of the Halibut Cove galleries. There are over a dozen artists here who are passionate about art and living in Alaska. You will find a variety of art, including octopus ink paintings, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, and more. 

Hiking & Glacier Kayaking:
After a moderate hike to the shoreline of Grewingk Glacier Lake, take in the panoramic view of an ancient glacier carved into a mountain valley with towering peaks and alpine meadows. The flowers in this valley are particularly interesting. Load up the kayaks and get up close and personal with the icebergs and glaciers. Visit bird rookeries and keep an eye out for mountain goats and black bears. For this activity, included in the cost of your stay, bring layered clothing and a waterproof shell. 

Guided Ocean Kayaking:
Kayaking on the ocean is an amazing experience and a chance to view the scenery and wildlife especially. We do not use typical sea kayaks. Instead, you can use inflatable kayaks, which have comfortable seats, a low center of gravity, and are extremely stable. Your guide will take you on a tour around the community of Halibut Cove, interpreting the sights and answering your questions. All you need is your camera and your enthusiasm - everything else is provided. All experience levels are welcome, and this tour is great family fun and included in the cost of your stay.

Grewingk Glacier Lake Hike:
Distance: 1.5 miles, one way
Difficulty: Moderate, with short, steep climbs
Elevation Gain: 370'
Duration: 1 hr, one way
This trail begins at a beach trailhead, with a steep, uphill climb in the first 0.3 miles near this hike's elevation. The path becomes fairly level on the topside of the saddle and meanders through a thick boreal forest of cottonwood, Sitka spruce, and other northwood vegetation. The trail then drops down the backside of the saddle and onto the glacier moraine, where the vegetation changes. The forest thins out, and the trails consist of rocks and gravel, surrounded by scrub brush. The hike ends at a glacier lake formed by Grewingk Glacier, a glacier that continues to calve various slabs of ice, some as large as a house. These icebergs are observed uniquely in March and April by ice-skating around and through them on the frozen lake. In early spring, the days are long, the temperatures are mild, and the sounds are peaceful as opposed to the summer months. This activity is included in the cost of your stay.

Distance: 0.5–3 miles.
Difficulty: Easy, flat gravel beaches
Elevation Gain: 0'
Duration: 1-2 hrs.
Kachemak Bay is noteworthy for its miles of rocky beaches, large tidal exchanges, and estuaries teeming with marine life, and guests of all ages enjoy visiting the nearby tide pools. Scientists have counted at least 170 species of macroscopic invertebrates in the intertidal zones, and many more have yet to be discovered. On our best low-tide series, you may see barnacles, limpets, anemones, hermit crabs, sea stars, nudibranchs, sponges, and sea cucumbers. If this activity interests you, please contact us for the best low tides during your stay with us. This activity is included in the cost of your stay.

Alpine Ridge Hike
Distance: 2.5 miles, one way
Difficulty: Difficult, with long, steep climbs
Elevation Gain: 2,332'
Duration: 2.5 hrs, one way
This hike begins at the Saddle Trailhead and branches off towards Alpine Ridge at the top of the saddle. Until it breaks through the tree line, this trail is densely forested. The trail is well-marked but can sometimes be overgrown. Hiking poles and sturdy shoes are recommended, and there are ropes in some places to help going up and down. Here, guests are free to wander around in the alpine tundra and enjoy the rocks, knolls, ponds, and hardy wildlife that thrives here. The views of Grewingk Glacier, Kachemak Bay, Homer, and the volcanoes across Cook Inlet are unparalleled. In August, ripe blueberries can be seen covering the hillside. This activity is included in the cost of your stay.

Moose Valley Hike:
Distance: 3.3 miles, one way
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult, long grades
Elevation Gain: 1,200'
Duration: 2 hrs, one way
This is one of our personal favorites, and we spend family time here nearly every year. This trail begins in the Halibut Cove Lagoon, passes the shore of Two Loon Lake, ascends forested ridges and winds down through valleys, then opens into Moose Valley - a valley surrounded by towering mountains, a clear water stream running through a forest of giant century-old cottonwood trees, and willow and grass meadows. A mid-last-century cabin is perfectly set in all of this beauty, built out of logs and chinked with moss in the old pioneer tradition, a craft that the old timers took with them before giving way to modern materials and techniques. Look for high waterfalls beyond the log footbridge and goats on the mountain ridges. This activity is included in the cost of your stay.

King Salmon Trolling:
Trolling for King Salmon is a popular, ongoing summer event. The fish are caught on spinning rods using various baits and spinning lures. Our guides will determine the best bait to use and help you set up, leaving you to enjoy the fishing. This is a unique fishery in that the fish are quite often visible as they slowly swim past the boat, providing an opportunity for those interested to photograph them in their natural environment. Because this is a saltwater fishery, the fish are bright and fresh, making for excellent eating. As the bait fish multiply, the feeder salmon that depend on the bait multiply as well. The bait also attracts whales, which we see from time to time. Numerous bids are attracted to the bait, diving repeatedly to catch the little candlefish or herring. The bird activity alerts us to where the salmon may be. The anticipation when trolling makes for lots of excitement and fun. Trolling is included in the cost of your stay. 

Float Plane Bear Viewing Adventure (additional cost):
Depart with your pilot and guide via floatplane, the mode of Alaskan Bush travel, across Cook Inlet to the Alaska Peninsula. Enjoy a scenic flight into the true Alaskan bush, flying past expansive glaciers that clothe towering mountains and steaming volcanoes. Spend an unforgettable day hiking 3–5 miles in remote Katmai National Park and Preserve, exploring expansive sedge meadows or salmon-filled streams in Katmai's enormous ecosystem. Your naturalist guide will lead you and the other members of your small group on a day hike, where you will become acquainted with the Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears and the amazing country that is their home. 

June to mid or late July finds us along the coastal sedge flats, watching as the bears are beach combing and browsing on succulent spring grasses, roots, clams, and other food they can find, as everything in a bear's life revolves around food sources. It is mating season, and you may see large males pursuing the females. June is the time spring cubs are being introduced into the population of bears and young sub-adults, all celebrating the return of summer.

In mid/late July to mid-August many of the streams and rivers along the Alaska Range fill with salmon returning to the streams they were spawned in, their bright red color shining and flashing as they fight their way upstream. Waiting for the salmon are the bears, sporting hefty appetites after a long winter's sleep. Each has its favorite fishing spot and unique fishing style. Salmon is their chief source of food, nutrition, and fat reserves for denning later in the year. 

Mid August through September the bears are fat and sleek, moving between the salmon streams and the abundant ripe berries on the hillsides, appetites sated and preparing to den.

Leisure Lake Flight Seeing Combo (additional cost):
Seeing Alaska by air is an amazing experience.  Our guests have the option, for an additional charge, of booking a scenic flight to round out their Alaskan tour.

Beautiful scenery is abundant in Alaska, but the southern Kenai Peninsula is one of the top, must-see places.  Where else can you find snow-capped mountains, glaciers, saltwater bays, coves, and estuaries all surrounded by thousands of square miles of productive ocean waters? Until you have seen it from the air your view is incomplete.

These scenic tours are taken on a fixed-wing aircraft and can be combined with our Leisure Lake adventure in the Kachemak Bay State Park. After being picked up from the Lodge, a beautiful scenic tour can be taken around the Harding Ice Fields and Kachemak Bay, after which the float plane can drop you off at your destination and the afternoon can be spent kayaking on a pristine mountain lake. The plane can then return to pick you up and bring you back to the lodge, or you can choose to hike out with your guide.

Upper Hazel Lake Flight Seeing (additional cost):
Located south of Halibut Cove & within the Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park, Upper Hazel Lake has no designated trails but does have amazing alpine terrain. The only way to reach this lake is via float plane, which would pick you up in Halibut Cove from the Ridgewood Lodge, and drop you and your guide off for a magnificent day of hiking. On the flight, you would see spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, incredible flowers in the alpine meadows, and astonishing scenery. This trip is usually available mid to late June after the ice and snow have melted. 

Augustine Island Volcano Flight Seeing (additional cost):
Another option is flying to southwestern Cook Inlet to see to the Augustine Island Volcano. You can peer into the crater of this active volcano while flying overhead, then explore the beaches of this uninhabited island which is made up mainly of past eruption deposits. 

Deep-Sea Fishing Charters (additional cost):
While the name implies that this package provides an average day on the water, there is nothing average about this trip. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make a day on the water with Destination Alaska’s captain and crew a trip of a lifetime. Our new Bay Weld boat was designed for fishing off the coast of Alaska even in the most challenging conditions. Powered by three Suzuki 350 h.p. outboard motors, we increase precious fishing time by reducing the travel time out to the fishing grounds. Destination Alaska Charters is the first company in Homer to invest in a SeaKeeper 6. This gyro technology virtually eliminates seasickness by reducing vessel wave roll by 90%. If you or someone in your group struggles with motion sickness, then we are the right charter company for you. Our 40’ vessel has a huge deck, comfortable seating, a warm pilothouse, a private restroom, and a coffee pot that runs all day. DAC captains collaborate daily with their deckhands and our network of professional/commercial fishermen, tracking salmon runs and summer feeding migration of halibut to put you in the best location for trophy fish. Using the latest in Garmin Sonar, Cannon Digi-Troll downriggers, Shimano reels with G Loomis rods, and our secret recipe of bait, we’ll have you reeling in fish in no time. While you’re busy hauling fish over the rails, we’ll warm up some soup and make fresh sandwiches for lunch in our galley kitchen.  Fish the remainder of the afternoon and on the way back to port, our crew will expertly fillet your catch.

Fish & Fly! (additional cost):
If your Alaska vacation includes packing in lots of adventures in a short timeframe, the “Fish & Fly” trip is for you. By combining floatplanes and a state-of-the-art fishing vessel, we are able to show you the best of Alaska by air and sea. Departing Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge at a time of your choosing, we’ll harness 1275 horsepower to get you out to the fishing grounds ahead of the crowd. Fish all day on our 44’ gyro-stabilized vessel, the F/V Wilderness Explorer and while other charter companies begin the long ride home, you’ll have up to 1.5 more hours to seize the bite! Our DeHavilland Otter will fly down to meet the boat and transport you and your catch back to Homer. Enjoy a 45-minute flight over glaciers, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, and Jurassic Park-like scenery, returning to the lodge with a cooler full of fillets just in time for dinner. Give us a call and let’s go fishing and flying! 

Kachemak Bay Jet-Ski Tours (additional cost):
Close your eyes and imagine touring the coastline of Kachemak Bay, Alaska on your private personal watercraft.  Sea otters lay on their backs eating clams, whales spouting off in the distance, Eagles soaring overhead, and a dozen mighty sea lions resting comfortably on a small island.  These are just a few of the possibilities that you'll have as we guide you along this amazing trip to Chrome Bay and Port Chatham. 

Our new 4-stroke Sea-doo GTX limited machines meet the highest standards for eco-friendly emissions, quietness, fuel efficiency, and reliability.  You'll check in at our Lakeshore Drive office where you'll be outfitted with the best drysuits, boots, Helly Hanson Expedition jackets, and safety gear.  

Our route of travel will take us from Homer Harbor at 9:30 a.m. across to Yukon Island, past Seldovia, Port Graham, Nanwalek, Flat Island, Dogfish Bay, and into Port Chatham where the M/V Peregrine will be anchored in the heart of the mountains awaiting your arrival.  This 3-hour ride is sure to work up an appetite.  Good news!  Our onboard chef will have an awesome barbecue lunch cooked up and ready to serve.  Take off your gear, grab a deck chair, and relax in unparalleled beauty while you snack on a fresh veggie tray and dine on grilled hamburgers, tossed salad, potato chips, and dessert. 

Around 2 p.m. our mighty de Havilland Super Otter floatplane will land in the cove and take you on a glacier flight that will knock your socks off.  Land back at Beluga Lake at 3:00 p.m.  This trip puts a smile on everyone's face and will make memories you will not soon forget!

Note: We advise you to make a reservation for all included excursions during your stay in the lodge. If you wish for additional excursions during your time in Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge, please contact us for current excursion pricing.

Lodge Facilities

​This hand-crafted Alaska eco-lodge stands in a secluded location in Halibut Cove adjacent to the Kachemak Bay State Park and Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and the Kenai National Fjords. 
  • High-Speed Wireless Internet
  • Guided In-House Activities
  • Expansive Lawns, Ponds, and Gardens Surrounded by Alaska’s Native Vegetation
  • 360 Degree wrap-around Decks with Panoramic Views
  • Comfortable Bedrooms with a View and Private Bath
  • Large Dining Room with View: everyone seems to hang out here!
  • Custom Hand-Crafted Wood Work throughout
  • Expansive Window Displays of Mountains, Oceans, Coves, and Estuaries
  • Private Seating areas for Gathering & Relaxing


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