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Astounding Antarctica in Mid-December! \ Photos

First landing! Posted up next to a penguin rookery.
Aboard L'Austral cruising through the Weddell Sea.
In the bridge, watching the captain and crew navigate L'Austral through ice fields.
Devils Island landing with hundreds of thousands of Adelie penguins.
More Adelies guarding their eggs on rock nests on Devils Island.
The view from the top of Devils Island.
An Adelie with an egg. In mid December we saw plenty of eggs and only a few chicks.
A zodiac headed towards Devils Island.
A few penguins on an iceberg in the Weddell Sea.
The bow of the ship parked in "fast ice" on the Weddell Sea.
Standing over 400 meters of ocean on "fast ice".
Handstand on the Weddell Sea.
A Weddell seal on Astrolabe Island.
Looking back at Astrolabe Island
Air bubbles trapped in ice.
Zodiac cruise around Lindblad Cove.
Capturing a blow from a zodiac as a humpback whale comes to the surface.
Three humpback whales working together in a feeding method called bubble netting.
First continental landing from Orne Harbour.
Orne Harbour and a new perspective on L'Austral.
Continental landing! This was continent number 6 for me and number 5 for my husband, Grant.
Penguin colony on Orne Island.
Sanitation procedures before and after each landing to prevent the possibility of spreading invasive species.
An example of how clear the water is and a representation of how the majority of an iceberg is underwater.
A photo of me sitting and observing wildlife from 5 meters away.
On a zodiac cruise in Pleneau Port Charcot.
A crabeater seal in Pleneau Port Charcot.
A porpoising penguin with an iceberg for a backdrop.
Stunning colors in Lemaire Channel; a strait off Antarctica.
One of two orca whales our ship came upon in the Gerlache Strait.
A group of several other travel agents aboard L'Austral on Danco Island: our last landing before crossing the Drake back to Argentina.
Looking at over 10,000 ft peaks on Antarctica's peninsula.
One of several over turned icebergs around Melchior Island.
First landing at Half Moon Island.
A chinstrap penguin on Half Moon Island.
Penguins swimming together like so is called a raft.
Some white, pristine ice.
A humpback whale fluke in Lindblad Cove.
The loading and unloading station off the back of L'Austral.
A humpback whale came right up to the ship before diving under to the other side.
An old, abandon research station of Argentina now occupied by penguins.
A lone chinstrap penguin on Half Moon Island.
The view from the top of Astrolabe Island.
Views of vast landscapes while flying over Argentina.
Views of vast landscapes while flying over Montana and Wyoming.
A huge rubber tree in Buenos Aires, sometimes referred to as Gomero de la Recoleta.
The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires.
Reserva Ecologica Constanera Sur, complete with lagoons, marshlands and forest, just outside of Buenos Aires.
View from the Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa in Usuaia, Argentina.
Ushuaia's waterfront and St. Christopher's Shipwreck.
The town of Ushuaia.
Tierra del Fuego National Park.
Our stateroom aboard L'Austral.
Crossing the Drake Passage, on our way to Antarctica.
A lunch from the buffet grill on deck 6.
An appetizer from a 4 course meal from the restaurant on deck 2.
A tabular iceberg while crossing the Drake.
A zodiac heading out to Half Moon Island.
A lone gentoo penguin on Half Moon Island.
A glance at the restaurant on deck 2.
L'Austral parked in fast ice.
Information and services provided to each room aboard L'Austral.
Lunch ordered to our room.
One of our briefings given by the expedition leader.
My husband, Grant, at the restaurant on deck 2.
Dessert from a 4 course meal from the restaurant on deck 2.
Dancers performing on stage from the theater on deck 4.
Another show from the dancers of L'Austral.
Dinning out by the pool during a nice day on deck 6.
One of the lectures given in the theater from deck 4.
Expedition guides presenting information based on their expertise.
The crew getting recognition and praise from the guest of L'Austral at the end of our cruise.
A view of the pool off deck 6 while docked in Ushaia.
Colorful and unique architecture of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The daily program we received each day.
A look at the daily program and all its glorious details.
The tea and coffee bar that can be found in every room.

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