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Dynamic Antarctica \ Photos

These bridges across the highway serve as ski runs in the winter months
A summertime view of the southernmost ski resort in the world
The view from Garibaldi Pass lookout
Karen enjoying the view from the lookout at Garibaldi Pass
Time to off-road!
Lago Escondido
Lago Escondido
Karen at Lago Escondido
Lago Escondido
In for a bumpy ride in this 4x4 vehicle
Karen looking out at Lago Fagnano
Karen and our 4x4 guide, Frodo, on the shore of Lago Fagnano
Karen and Meg on the shore of Lago Fagnano
A dilapidated shed on the shores of Lago Fagnano
Karen on the shore of Lago Fagnano
Our 4x4 vehicle parked in front of our lunch stop
Karen keeping her balance next to Lago Fagnano
Lago Fagnano
Martial Glacier
Karen on the trail to Martial Glacier
The view of the Beagle Channel looking down from Martial Glacier
Karen hiking down the Glacier Martial trail
Karen and Meg taking in a beautiful hike to Martial Glacier
The trail to Martial Glacier
Karen and Meg enjoying a beautiful day at Glacier Martial
Meg looking up at Glacier Martial
Meg in front of Glacier Martial
Meg greets a friendly pupper on the Glacier Martial trail
Entrance to the tea house at Martial Glacier
So long Argentina!
Our first sight of land since leaving Ushuaia
The view from cabin 415 on the RCGS Resolute
On-board glaciologist Kate explaining the Antarctic Circumpolar Current
A tag used for humpback whale research in Antarctica
The underside of a tag used for humpback whale research in Antarctica
Orcas splash near the RCGS Resolute
More orcas!
An orca checking out the RCGS Resolute
Orca sighting!
RCGS Resolute passengers peer over the edge of the ship to get a glimpse of the orcas
Karen and Meg capture their excitement at the first orca sighting
Humpback fluke!
The kayaking crew all decked out in their gear for the first time
Karen and Meg prepped for kayaking in their dry suits and life jackets
Fur seals at Portal Point
Karen and Meg all bundled up in Antarctic gear
A zodiac preps to load onto the ship after a morning excursion
Meg enjoys the view from the stern of the RCGS Resolute
An Antarctica stamp in my passport!
Vernadsky Station
A crowd of gentoo penguins greets us at Vernadsky Station
Excited for the first time out on the kayaks!
Karen and Meg loving life in Antarctica
Karen and Meg paddling Antarctic waters
The RCGS Resolute rests in Antarctic waters
Karen takes in the view from her kayak in Paradise Bay
A zodiac in Paradise Bay
Kayakers in Paradise Bay
Bergy bits in Paradise Bay
The kayaking crew in Paradise Bay
The kayaks tied to a zodiac on the way back from an excursion
A cloudy shot of Brown Station and Paradise Bay
Gentoo penguins hang out at Almirante Brown Station
The stunning Lemaire Channel
A blue berg near the Lemaire Channel
Kayakers head toward the RCGS Resolute
Kayakers check out a fur seal in Wilhelmina Bay
Meg grins at curious leopard seal in Wilhelmina Bay
A range of emotions captured after a close leopard seal encounter
Meg the happy camper after a leopard seal encounter
One of the last icebergs we saw as we left the peninsula
The captain's dinner on our last night aboard the RCGS Resolute
A rainbow appears over Ushuaia as we wait for the winds to die down so that we can dock the ship safely
Looking across the Beagle Channel from Tierra del Fuego National Park
A great shot of a rainbow over the Beagle Channel as we explore Tierra del Fuego National Park
Tierra del Fuego National Park
Friends made in Antarctica
The RCGS Resolute docked in Ushuaia
An old ship in Ushuaia
Welcome to Ushuaia!
The RCGS Resolute at port in Ushuaia
The exterior of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral noting the burial site of José de San Martín
The stunning interior of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral
The May Pyramid in Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires
Guards of the Regiment of Mounted Grenadiers

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