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Deception Island

Jan 8th Tuesday
Deception Island and Yankee Harbor
Cruised through the biggest channel during the night so Pam slept through the part that made her sick last time.  Deception Island is a caldera and the volcano last erupted 1969.  We took a hike up to the rim of one of the volcano.  This was the event Chris was waiting for, the polar plunge!  He got into he swim trunks and ran into the sea.  It was very invigorating he ran out and took a shot of vodka to get his blood moving again!  First time for everything!  The zodiacs took the swimmers back to the ship first then the rest of us followed.  We are back in the main channel rocking and rolling our way to Yankee Harbor.
After lunch Glen and Pam went to take a nap – only to have Mauricio announce orcas – so we grabbed our jackets and cameras and headed to the front.  There were orcas, fin, and humpback whales.  Mike said he thought the orcas were practicing since they had a young one with them; they were trying to separate the fin whales calf from its mom so they could kill it.  We watched for at least ½ hour before returning to our route to Yankee Harbor.  Pam had taken Chris camera and forgot to give it back to him so he was unable to take any pictures.  He did see the fin whale through his window in his cabin.

End of a fabulous vacation! Thanks Adventure Life and Antarctica XXI

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