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Mary's Mother-Daughter Greenland and Arctic tour! \ Photos

First View of Greenland
Mary and Daughter
Kangerlussuaq Airport
Zodiac to Sea Adventurer
Greenland flag with Sea Adventurer in background
Playing in the mud when our zodiac got stuck
First night on Sea Adventurer
Glacier in Sondre Stromfjord
Glacier in Sondre Stromfjord
Glacier with kittiwakes
Sea Adventurer near Sonderstrom Fjord
Afternoon hike to glacial lake
Kayak Presentation at Sisimiut
Boat in Sisimiut
Sisimiut Church
Sled Dogs in Training in Sisimiut
Sled dog and pups in Sisimiut
Sled dog and pups in Sisimiut
Humpback Whale
Totem pole at fishing village outside Sisimiut
Tasting whale blubber
Painter at fishing village
Painter at fishing village
Fishing village outside Sisimiut
Painter at fishing village
Kids with Greenland flag
Ice outside Ilulissat
Even the captain photographs the Ilulissat icebergs
Ilulissat iceberg
Iceberg view out of our cabin window
Icebergs blocking path of Sea Adventurer
Fisherman outside Ilulissat
Boarding zodiacs
Zodiac cruise around Icebergs out of Ilulissat
Iceberg outside Ilulissat
Zodiac cruise among icebergs
"Kids only" zodiac cruise
Zodiac cruise amongst ice
Marcia and Mary
Pleated iceberg
On the bridge of the Sea Adventurer
Cabin in Sea Adventurer
Arctic Poppy
Qeqertarsuaq shoreline
Qeqertarsuaq view
Hailey and Colin strolling in Qeqertarsuaq
Waterfall in Qeqertarsuaq
Qeqertarsuaq Waterfall
Hiking at Qeqertarsuaq
Hailey, Colin and Alex
Snowball fight
Snowball flight Qeqertarsuaq
Qeqertarsuaq port
Qeqertarsuaq houses
Hailey in Qeqertarsuaq
Arctic wildflowers
Expedition landing before the Davis Strait
Disco night on the Sea Adventurer
Disco night on Sea Adventurer
Sei Whale in Davis Strait
Singalong on Sea Adventurer
Long Finned Pilot Whales Davis Strait
Northern Bottlenose Whale
Northern Bottlenose Whale Davis Strait
Long Finned Pilot Whales
Northern Bottlenose Whale
Long Finned Pilot Whale
Long Finned Pilot Whale
Long Finned Pilot Whale
Traveler whale watching from Sea Adventurer
Approaching ice in Davis Strait near Canadian coast
Captain examining ice charts
Davis Strait Ice
Male polar bear
Male Polar Bear on ice floe in Davis Strait
Male polar bear swimming
Polar bear exiting Davis Strait
Polar Bear on Ice Floe
Canada Day Marathon on Sea Adventurer
Dave "racing" in Canada Day Marathon on Sea Adventurer
Hailey cheering for "marathon" runners
A good place to rest after the marathon!
Mama polar bear and cub in Hudson Strait
Beautiful ice in Hudson Strait
"Bachelor" party onboard Sea Adventurer
View from Sea Adventurer
Inuit games on back deck
Jellyfish spotted on expedition landing back in Greenland
My daughter finds a caribou antler as we hike the terrain
View from window of abandoned fishing village in Greenland
Alex and Hailey on Greenland expedition hike
Mary and Amy at Inuksuk
4th of July onboard celebration
Leading the 4th of July Parade
Sunset from Sea Adventurer
Sunset from Sea Adventurer
Sunset on 4th of July
Skipping through the Arctic cotton
Ship in background of Arctic cotton
Kangaamiut port, Greenland
Hiking in Kangaamiut
Inukshuk at Kangaamiut
Boats in Kangaamiut
Mike Biddell in Kangaamiut
Jumping for joy
Kyle and MJ posing on cliffside of Kangaamiut
Kyle and MJ posing on cliffside of Kangaamiut
Kangaamiut photographers
Marcia taking the polar plunge
Mary taking the polar plunge
Pam admiring view from Sea Adventurer
Humpback Whale Tail
Humpback Whale
Greenland panorama
Greenland Panorama
Pam on our expedition hike
Glacial lake in Greenland
Views from our hike
Colin at glacial lake
Daniel photographing sea
Colin and Eugene Hiking in Greenland
Greenland hiking views
Glacier enroute to Greenland ice cap
Musk ox near Greenland Ice Cap
Musk ox near Greenland Ice Cap
Walking on Greenland ice cap
Greenland ice cap
Hailey and Mary at Greenland Ice Cap
Glacial erratic at ice cap
Colin running on ice cap
Profile of small end of ice cap
Freshwater stream on ice cap
Greenland ice cap
Inukshuk at ice cap
Haley makes the most of her time in the mud
First Zodiac to Sea Adventure
Lounging on the Sea Adventurer Deck -- an adventurous start to our Arctic tour!
Kittiwakes at the Arctic's Sondrestrom Fjord
Celebrating a successful hike!
Brilliant wall of glacier ice!
The newest members of the Sissimiut dog sled team
Exploring Sisimiut on our Arctic cruise
Watching our onboard painter at work
Charming Sisimiut, Greenland - traditional fishing village
Northern bottlenose whale greets our ship!
Spotting a northern bottlenose whale on our Arctic cruise!
Ahoy -- Long Finned Pilot Whale!
Polar plunge in the Arctic!
Arctic sunset from the Sea Adventurer
Marathon on the Sea Adventurer
4th of July Parade!

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