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Belize Trip - Scuba, Snorkeling and the Jungle! \ Photos

Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve
On the water taxi from Belize City to Caye Caulker.  Getting excited!
View from the water taxi
Arrived at Caye Caulker! - Waiting for our bags
Turquiose waters.  Check out Joe\'s cool shades!
View from the beach on Caye Caulker
The cabins at Ignacio\'s
Ignacio\'s - Our cabin is the last one on the left
What a location!
Ignacio\'s Beach Cabins - Our home for the next week.  Rustic, but you can\'t beat the view!
Our cozy cabin
Our balcony
On our balcony at Ignacio\'s
View from our cabin
View from our cabin - Joe soaking in the sun
Another view from the cabin
Kicking back at the cabin
A little R & R
A visitor at the cabin
An iguana soaking up some rays on Caye Caulker
Our dock near the cabin
View from our dock
Hiking / bike trail that leads from our cabin to the local reserve
Joe fishing off our dock
Fish on!
Joe\'s first catch - Bonefish!
Catch and release
Joe\'s handmade fly-fishing lanyard
Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker dock
Beach scene
A patch of mangroves
View from the beach
I can\'t resist Pina Coladas
Rum and coke.  Mmmmmm!
The restaurants along the beach catch the best breeze!
Belikin Beer and a nice breeze!
Another pina colada
Conch ceviche!   Yum!
Street view - Caye Caulker
The streets are made of sand - No asphalt here!
Golf cart - No vehicles are allowed on Caye Caulker.  Golf carts are like taxis here.
Enjoying Paradise
Enjoying Paradise
This crab tried to attack us!
Snorkeling boats offshore
Enjoying Paradise
Dock on Caye Caulker
Fishing off of our dock
Joe fishes in Belize
Joe snorkeling and swimming at \"the Split\"
Kite-boarding at the Split on Caye Caulker
The sailboat we took for our snorkeling trip to Hol Chan
Snorkeling off Caye Caulker
Diving down...
Moray eel hiding in his hole
Snorkeling near Hol Chan
Snorkeling in the waters off Belize
Snorkeling in the waters off Belize
Green Sea Turtle spotted during our snorkeling trip
Snorkeling with a sea turtle near Hol Chan
Joe snorkeling at Hol Chan
A-OK! Snorkeling at Hol Chan, Belize
Crystal clear water
Above water
Nurse sharks at Shark Ray Alley
Petting a Spotted Eagle Ray at Shark Ray Alley
Sting ray spotted while snorkeling
Snorkeling in Belize
Waiting to dive - Outside of the Belize Diving Services office
Getting scuba certified!  Getting ready to go down!
Getting ready to board the boat for the 3-tank dive to Turneffe
Offically a SCUBA diver!
Getting geared up!
Getting some assistance
Falling back into the water to start the dive!
Going down....
Scuba diving in Belize
Diving off Caye Caulker
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Heading back to the boat for a break
Scuba diving in Belize
Munching on a fabulous, well-deserved lunch in-between dives!
Beautiful Belize
Cruising through the mangroves on the way home from diving
Beautiful Belize
Crab or lobster traps?
Little island off the cost of Turneffe
Scuba diving in Belize
Beautiful Belize
Watching beautiful coral reef pass by while diving off Caye Caulker
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Scuba diving in Belize
Our dive crew from Caye Caulker
Scuba diving in Belize
Green Sea Turtle
That\'s Joe in the background
Scuba diving in Belize
At the water taxi ticket office buying our tickets back to Belize City
At the bus station in Belize City
On the bus to Belmopan
Arriving at Pook\'s
Pook\'s Hill Lodge - Crossing the bridge over the Roaring River to get to our cabana
Pook\'s - The walkway to our cabana
Orange trees and plantations abound - Joe couldn\'t resist!
Rubber tree
Holding a boa constricter at the Belize Zoo
Enjoying Paradise
Tapir - Relative of the horse
Feeding an adolescent tapir at the Belize Zoo
Feeding a tapir at the Belize Zoo
Oscellated turkey
Belize is a birders paradise!
Animals in the zoo
Puma at the Belize Zoo
Animals in the zoo
Monkeys in the tree
Making friends with a macaw at the Belize Zoo
Bird in the zoo
Jaguar in the zoo
Jaguar up in the tree
Belize zoo
Belize zoo
Leaving the zoo with Francisco, our Pook\'s Hill Lodge guide
Relaxing at Pook\'s
The Mayan residential site located on the property at Pook\'s
Ruins in Belize
Cabanas at Pook\'s overlooking the Mayan site
Maya ruins at Pook's Hill Lodge
Palm trees
Our cabana, on the right
Home, sweet Pook's Hill
The dining room at Pook\'s - Family style
Dinner at Pook\'s - Delish!
Me and some fellow ALJ travelers at the Pook\'s lodge / bar area
Home, sweet Pook's Hill
Checking out the list of activities at Pook\'s Hill Lodge
Exploring the rainforest at Pook's Hill
Exploring Belize
One of the beautiful swimming holes at Pook\'s
Joe getting ready to jump
Crossing the Roaring River
Exploring Belize
Exploring Belize
Exploring Belize
Red Cliff swimming hole at Pook\'s
Exploring Belize
On the way to the put-in for cave tubing at the Jaguar Paw
Getting ready
Cave Tubing!
The brief moment that we are out of the cave
Looking back at the cave
Exploring Belize
Exiting the cave at Jaguar Paw
Gearing up for the ATM Cave!
Hector, our guide, preparing us for the cave
Leaf-cutter ants
The beginning!
Exploring Belize
The entrance to the cave
Exploring Belize
Exploring a cave in the Belizean rainforest
Making our way to the mouth of the cave
Swimming in to the entrance of the ATM cave
Swimming into the cave
In the ATM cave
A tight squeeze
In the ATM cave
Why are my helmets always crooked?
Climbing up in to the altar in the ATM cave
Hector explaining some Mayan history
Scrambling down from the altar
Exploring the ATM cave near Pook's Hill Lodge
Brrrrr...A little chilly
That\'s me with the nice black socks
Mayan offerings
In the ATM cave
In the ATM cave
Don\'t put your hand down on this guy! (Scorpion)
The Crystal Maiden
In the ATM cave
In the ATM cave
Exploring the ATM cave near Pook's Hill Lodge
Exploring the ATM cave near Pook's Hill Lodge
In the ATM cave
We made it!
Leaving Pook\'s

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