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Belizing It Up! \ Photos

A little caye near Callabash on the Turneffe Atoll
Playground in the Cayo district of Belize
On our way to Pook;s Hill Lodge!
Our home at Pook's Hill
Can you see the walking stick?
Canoeing on the Rio Macal
Giant iguana on the Rio Macal in Belize
Canoeing on the Rio Macal
Howler monkeys at Xunanutnich
Our guide Miguel at Xunantunich
Overlooking the rainforest at Xunantunich ruins
Xunantunich Ruins in Belize
Miguel explaining the importance of Xunantunich Ruins
Looking up towards el Castillo at Xunantunich
Hiking up el Castillo at Xunantunich
All smiles after our tour of Xunantunich
El Castillo at Xunantunich
Relaxing and enjoying the views on top of el Castillo
Looking out across Xunantunich
They let me drive the ferry to Xunantunich. It wasn't as hard as it looks!
Hiking along the Roaring River at Pooks Hill
Beautiful place to hang out at Pooks
Outside patio at Pooks Lodge
Jungle river at Pooks
A giant ceiba tree found during a hike near Pook's Hill
Walking through the jungle at Pook's Hill
Pooks cottages
Cocktail hour at Pooks Hill
Sleeping jaguar at the Belize zoo
I won't mess with those teeth!
Heading out to Turneffe Flats at sunset!
Leaving Belize City at sunset
Turneffe Flats. Our home for the next week
Relaxing by the pool at Turneffe Flats
A beachside cabana at Turneffe Flats
Enjoying a dip in the infinity pool at Turneffe Flats
I'm pretty excited to be here!
Abel taking us out to our first snorkel spot at Turneffe Flats
A little art in the flats in front of Turneffe Flats
The view from the deck at Turneffe Flats
Wandering around the reef crest at Turneffe Flats
My first salt-water fish. A little snapper on the flats
Relaxing around the lodge before dinner at Turneffe Flats
That's a lot of fishing gear!
Waiting for the cue from my guide
My first bonefish on a flyrod!
I spent days fishing with these guys?
Flyfishing at Turneffe Flats
A beautiful bonefish caught at Turneffe Flats!
Bonefish caught at Turneffe
Fish on the flats
Looking for permit fish at Turneffe
Permit on! Fishing in the lagoon at Turneffe Flats
Evan's permit!
We spent days searching for this permit! Well worth the wait!
Permit caught on a fly rod at Turneffe Flats
Staring down a permit caught near Turneffe Flats
Fly fishing at Turneffe Flats
Lobster shack at Turneffe. Dion bought 20 lobsters from them
Octopus on the flats at Turneffe
This octopus changed colors in an instant!
Dolphins swimming near Turneffe Flats
Kayaking with dolphins at Turneffe Flats
Ice cold beer on a hot Belize afternoon at Turneffe
Fishing at Turneffe
Flats fishing at Turneffe with Dion
Evan and his new best friend Dion at Turneffe Flats
Sunset at Turneffe Flats. Beautiful place!
A baby crocodile on our night hike at Turneffe!
And a big crocodile at Turneffe!
A tarantula on our night hike at Turneffe Flats. YIKES!
Amazing baked lobster for our last dinner at Turneffe!
Sunrise over the flats on our last morning at Turneffe
Sunrise at Turneffe Flats
Cruising through the mangroves
Little path through the mangroves at Turneffe
Flying over the peninsula into Placencia
Our beach in Placencia
Our screened in porch at the Turtle Inn in Placencia
Beautiful Bali-style room at Turtle Inn in Placencia
Beach time in Placencia!
Drinking cocktails from a coconut
This was our triangle-shaped pool at Turtle Inn. So "cool!"
Another day of flats fishing in Belize!
Flats fly fishing near Placencia
It was a fun day fly fishing!
Shrimp fajitas and a cold Belikin for lunch in Placencia
Relaxing by the pool at Turtle Inn
Walking on the narrowest street in the world
Iguana on top of our roof
Biking from Turtle Inn to downtown Placencia
Fresh flowers outside our door at the Turtle Inn
Reading in the pool at Turtle Inn
Sunset on the beach at Turtle Inn
Our outdoor shower and patio at Turtle Inn in Placencia
Diving lessons in the pool
Relaxing on the boat, looking for dolphins around Turneffe Flats
Beautiful evening in Belize!
Yellow sting ray we saw while snorkeling at Turneffe
Spotted Eagle Ray below us while snorkeling at Turneffe
Spider crab. Abel was an amazing snorkel guide!
Southern Stingray swimming at Turneffe
A southern sting ray hides in the sand near Turneffe Flats
The reef at Turneffe was UNBELIEVABLE!
Yellow spotted sting ray
Ray buried in the sand, watching us snorkel
Abel diving for a conch to show us
We had fun snorkeling!
Abel looking for more goodies for us while snorkeling at Turneffe
Sea urchin!
Handling an urchin while snorkeling at Turneffe Flats
Lion fish
Snorkeling on the reef at Turneffe
Beautiful reef at Turneffe
HUGE brain coral at Turneffe
The coral was endless!
The coral is full of wildlife
Tube coral we saw while snorkeling around Turneffe Flats
Amazing how many types of coral we saw at Turneffe
Snorkeling at Turneffe
Starfish at Turneffe
Cucumber coral
There were barracudas swimming with us!
Brain coral
Manatee swimming below us at Turneffe!
We saw amazing coral while snorkeling

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