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Jungle Livin' \ Photos

Hotel room in Belize.
Massive trees in the rainforest
A quick stop at the Roaring River.
The national tree of Belize, the Ceiba Tree or 'Tree of Life'
Tarantula coaxed out of its lair.
One of the many frogs we spotted.
Leaf cutter ant highway.
River cliff-side.
Zip-lining over the river.
Cave tubing: Exiting one of the caves.
Boarding our puddle-jumper plane.
Our guide feeding a fish friend.
Sunset on our sail back to San Pedro.
Our island home, Blue Tang Inn.
Our puddle-jumper plane.
Visiting family in Denver on our trip back home.
Relaxing at Pook's Hill
At the foot of the ruins.
Taking in the view from the top of the ruins with our guide Mario.
Spotting a howler monkey.
Regional airport in Belmopan.

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