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The Atacama Desert stretches from the rugged Pacific coast of northern Chile to the steep Andean slopes of southwestern Bolivia. Famous for its aridity, Atacama is proof of how life can flourish even in the harshest of conditions.

Our lodge in Atacama is located in the oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, on the beautiful Ayllu de Larache, once inhabited by ancient Atacameño families. San Pedro is a beautiful adobe town surrounded by the desert’s most dramatic features: salt flats, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, windswept sand dunes and many others.

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Tulur room
Tulur Room
19 Tulur rooms measuring 33m² (355 feet²), 8 of them are interconnected rooms, ideal for families.
Yali Room
Yali Room
27 Yali rooms measuring 33m² (355 feet²). Views of the desert landscape.
Suite Catur Room
Suite Catur
4 Catur suites measuring 50m² (538 feet²). With balconies and views of the countryside.


The salt flats of the Atacama Desert stretch as far as the eye can see

Atacama Desert

4-5 Day Itinerary
  • Be inspired by unique geology
  • View the rainbow of desert colors
  • Experience Tatio Geyserys
  • Explore Moon Valley
Village Visits
Activity Level:
Tour Details
Laguna Colorada

High Deserts of Bolivia & Chile

10 Day Itinerary
  • Explore Lake Titicaca
  • Uyuni Salt Desert in depth
  • Visit altiplanic lagoons
  • Discover the beauty of Atacama
Archaeological Site Visits, Local Market Visits, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Tour Details
Explore the otherworldly Valley of the Moon

Explora Atacama

5 Day Itinerary
  • Experience Puritama hot springs
  • Visit Atacama Desert
  • Discover Atacama's hidden gems
Adventure Options, Spa Relaxation, Wilderness Lodge Exploration
Activity Level:
Easy Active
Tour Details


Our explorations in Atacama are divided into five different altitude zones, each with a set of unique geographic, cultural and biospheric characteristics. All explorations have been designed in order to gradually unveil the territory’s essence – either on foot, by bicycle or from within the Explora observatory.

Our travelers have the possibility of choosing different explorations every day. These explorations have different lengths and difficulty levels.


Geometric and seemingly infinite, the Atacama salt flat abruptly interrupts the desert’s chromatic continuum. The crunch of salt under every footstep is swept into silence by the wind, and all that’s left is to go deeper into the territory around you.

The lowest part of this area corresponds to the Atacama Salt Flat (2350 m.a.s.l.) itself, an endorheic basin that once accumulated the waters and sediments from volcanoes and mountains over millions of years. Today it hosts a complex ecosystem, including half of the world’s flamingo species. Also within this Exploration zone, the Salt Mountain range rises to the west of the salt flat in a geological spectacle, as crusts of sediments crown the rugged mountains that frame the desert. Finally, we recommend exploring the Oasis of San Pedro, which stands as a beacon of life and local traditions kept alive by its people

As if sliced off from the desert’s mantle, the ravines in this zone were created over millions of years by the forces of water and wind. Plunging into the abyss, they are sculptures that only time could shape.

Numerous ravines connect the Altiplano and Salt Flat Basin zones, crisscrossing the ascent while volcanic stonewalls and brooks lined with wild grass species modestly irrigate the surrounding land, making room for medicinal plants and flowers which have been used by local shepherding communities for centuries. The Domeyko Mountain Range, located in this zone, hosts wildlife and cultural heritage alike, with guanacos and ancient petroglyphs doting certain hillsides. The ravines offer a cradle for life to flourish in, as is the case of the Puritama Natural Reserve, where a series of hot springs irrigate and sustain a series of ecosystems within.

The Altiplano exists up there, somewhere between the mountains and the sky. Within, a whole new world silently awaits the intrepid explorers that venture its way. For us, this is a territory that words simply fall short of.

The Altiplano zone –or Puna as it is known locally– stretches between 3800 and 4300 m.a.s.l. It is an elevated plateau, crowned by imposing mountains, volcanoes and geysers. Lack of oxygen, intense sunlight and extreme temperatures keep this unique territory safe, calling only those who are drawn to unusual beauty.

Atacama’s night skies are a constant spectacle. When night falls, the sky becomes alive with the infinite power of the Milky Way or Celestial River, as it is known in Atacama. Star-gazing has been a pastime of humanity since the dawn of time, as our forefathers often looked to the skies for divine answers. Atacama’s night skies’ sheer definition allows gazers to draw their own constellations and meaning from beyond our planet and even our galaxy. At the center of the Milky Way lies the Yakana or constellation of the Llama, seen breastfeeding its newborn calf. To its right are the Partridge, the Frog, and the Serpent constellations, which guide the Andean shepherds and farmers, protecting them from seasonal floods.

These colossal massifs not only hoard minerals but also encompass cultural expressions of people past and present. Axes of mystery, Atacama’s mountains frame its territory, remaining vigilant of all who explore it.

The best views of Atacama can be found by reaching the peaks of the Licancabur Volcano along with the Kimal, Toco, Láscar, Corona, Soquete, Sairecabur and Colorado mountains – summits that scrape the skies at over 5000 m.a.s.l. Though spectacular, this altitude level requires physical stamina and preparation and is therefore not for the faint of heart. The rewards, however, are worth the patience and dedication: a unique encounter with the world from above.



We hike throughout our locations. Walking at your own, committed pace, immerses you in the natural and cultural landscapes we explore, varying in intensity –beginner or advanced– and duration – half day to full day.'

These are van-led explorations interrupted by short-duration hikes along the way. The combination allows travelers to access areas of particular beauty and ecological significance.

Biking allows us to explore and discover greater distances, feeling how the elements change throughout the day, varying in intensity –beginner or advanced– and duration – half day to full day.

On horseback, exploration takes on a whole new perspective, reframing the landscape around us while enjoying the company of specially trained horses

Exploring the night skies is peaking through a window into the Universe, drawing constellations and grasping the importance that astronomy had for these remote territories’ first settlers.

Through our expeditions we are able to access remote locations of great beauty and ecological significance, setting up a temporary camp away from our base lodge for one to two nights.

We strive to introduce our travelers to truly remote locations – and mountains are one of them. Each one has its own different demands and rewards, yet they all guarantee a revitalizing experience for mind and body alike.


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The trip was terrific with great planning on your part. Most of the adventures were not mainstream and somewhat off the beaten path which made it especially enjoyable!! We felt taken care of and you all were readily available to respond to questions and issues. I would highly recommend your company and friends have already expressed interest based on our pictures and excitement.
Gale Cantor

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