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The Adventure Life on Easter Island! \ Photos

Our Adventure Life Begins Again!!
Tagged and Ready to Go!
Our first Easter Island hike to Tahai and Ana Kakenga.
Sharon with Freider, our guide on Easter Island.
Sharon and Freider having an archaeological discussion :-)
At Peace-The Moai Quarry
The Quarry with Ahu Tongariki in the background
First close-up of breathtaking Ahu Tongariki
Moai At Rest-Ahu Tongariki
The Hard-Working Owner of La Taverne--The Norman Viking!!
Meyers and Freider-Akahanga
Te Pito O Te Henua--The Navel of the World
Serene Anakena Beach
Moai and Meyers on Anakena Beach
Lava Tube Cave--Sharon LOVES caves!
One of Two Cave Windows
The most beautiful water...
Admiring the beauty of Rano Kau Crater
Rano Kau Crater
Birdman Petroglyph at Orongo
Hilltop view of the looong airport runway
Entrance to Ana Kai Tangata--The Birdman Caves
Local children cooling down on Christmas Day
Breathtaking sunset over Tahai and Ana Kakenga
Sharon, with our two new buddies London and Heather
Sharon being licked to death by the street dog!!
Sharon diligently journaling :-)
At La Taverne Du Pecheur enjoying a wonderful Christmas wine
The Tiffany Bag Thief!!
Our Committment Ring Exchange on Plaza Hotomatua
Waiting to leave Easter Island Airport :-(
Our carriage awaits to take us from this amazing Island
Sharon journeling in Santiago, Chile
Writing our last thoughts at the airport

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