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Preparing for travel
Preparing for travel
Less than 24 hours to go! We are feverishly getting ready for our trip. Since Olivia and I have special food needs, it is necessary to bring our snacks and meals with us, because they cannot accomodate us on American. And that's a problem. Any liquids we bring on board need to be in 3oz containers. That means that the honey, agave, and salad dressing we bring must be within the specified size...hummm. Then there are the toiletries, which also have a size restriction. And placed in quart sized bags. Whew!

We have finally done it. We are traveling with carry on luggage for the first time. For almost three weeks. Just the necessities, and everything must match...that's the key. You can see our carry-on luggage in the photo. And the mess before the packing. I discovered these handy vacuum packed bags that, when you chip them and squeeze out the air, it compacts your clothing into half the space!

As usual, the Lord always throws a possible curve ball when we travel. To keep me on my toes, trusting in Him. This trip, we have a snowstorm on the way, picking up around our departure time. . . oh, oh. Then, I woke up yesterday with a 'chalazion' on my left eyelid (diagnosis compliments of my pathologist husband). It's a blocked tear duct, and I look scary at a glance. I'm just thankful I can see, and more thankful that we have the opportunity to take this unique field trip. And so looking forward to seeing our missionary friends, the Dubberlys, in Bogota tomorrow night!

Until tomorrow. . .

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