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Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest

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An extraordinary beachfront resort situated in the beaches of Manuel Antonio, Arenas del Mar Hotel is a marvelous place to stay on a Costa Rica tour.

This incomparable Costa Rican hotel was designed and built with an ambitious combination of deluxe accommodations coupled with the highest level of certified sustainability.

Arenas Del Mar is a beach and nature resort located adjacent to Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. "Unique and spectacular beach and nature experiences combined with highest levels of comfort and sustainability in a local Costa Rican setting" define the concept of Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort.

This Manuel Antonio resort caters to tourists that are looking for more than just another high end resort experience on their Costa Rica trip. Arenas Del Mar Hotel offers a luxurious lodging experience in harmony with Costa Rica's nature in a spectacular beach and rainforest setting. Guest rooms, apartments and suites offer spectacular ocean views, upscale dining in two hotel restaurants with a focus on fresh local products and personalized service that exceeds expectations.

Arenas Del Mar is the perfect base from which to explore the area around Manuel Antonio and Quepos on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Tours and activities offered in the area include whitewater rafting, mangrove kayak and boat tours, guided rainforest hikes, ocean kayaking, catch and release sport fishing, Canopy Tours and horseback riding excursions.

Sustainability is a key component of the concept at all levels of the operation and the Certification for Sustainable Tourism-a program designed by the Costa Rican Tourism ministry-served as a guide for the building and continues to drive the operation of the hotel. Arenas Del Mar minimizes the impact on the surrounding nature, while maximizing the positive economic impact on the local community through employment and support for schools and Costa Rican culture.

Other hotel facilities include a luxurious spa located below the main restaurant with breathtaking views of Manuel Antonio National Park and the Pacific Ocean, a gift shop featuring local art and souvenirs and a state of the art business center near the hotel lobby.

Rooms and Suites
Arenas del Mar Hotel has 38 guest rooms set in seven three story buildings that are located overlooking the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Pacific Ocean, private beaches and surrounding rainforests.

All rooms are equipped with: king size beds, spacious bathrooms, superior closet space, ceiling fans, air conditioning, flat screen cable televisions, wired internet access, telephones with direct access to international calls, fully equipped mini-bar, coffee makers, safe deposit boxes, luggage racks, irons and ironing boards and large private decks with breathtaking views.

The rooms were designed to offer maximum comfort while taking into consideration the surrounding environment. The buildings housing the guest rooms were altered to fit around existing trees, water is heated with solar panels and grey water is reused for irrigation.

Ocean Breeze Apartments:
The Ocean Breeze Apartments are one of the most luxurious and unique lodging options in Costa Rica's Central Pacific Coast, offering more than 1650 square feet (150 square meters) of living space with spectacular ocean, rainforest and beach views.

All apartments offer two air-conditioned bedrooms with one king size bed in each room, very spacious decks, as well as a large living area with ceiling fans, a full size pull-out sofa, mini bar and three full bathrooms. These apartments can host up to 5 people comfortably.

The private hot tub on the deck of the apartment is the perfect spot to relax and observe spectacular Pacific sunsets.

Ocean Breeze Suites:
The Ocean Breeze Suites have one air-conditioned bedroom with a king size bed, a very spacious deck as well as a large living area with ceiling fans, a full size pull-out sofa, mini bar and full bathroom. The private hot tub on the deck of the suite is the perfect spot to relax and observe spectacular Pacific sunsets and these can host up to 3 people maximum. Several Ocean Breeze Suites do not have the full size pull-out sofa bed and will host up to 2 people maximum.

Ocean Breeze Superior Rooms:
The Ocean Breeze Superior Rooms are air conditioned bedrooms with one king size bed. They feature an ample deck space overlooking the ocean or rainforest and a spacious bathroom. The Superior Rooms can host up to 2 people maximum.

Rainforest View Suites:
The Rainforest View Suites are spacious one bedroom suites with a king size bed and a comfortable living room area. All suites are fully air-conditioned and feature one spacious bathroom and a large Jacuzzi situated in an outdoor terrace. The Rainforest View Suites can host up to 3 people maximum.

Culinary Highlights
Arenas del Mar Hotel features two gourmet restaurants famous for their use of seasonal ingredients and local foods featuring Costa Rican Cuisine with an international flavor.

El Mirador:
El Mirador hangs over the Espadilla Beach with its white sand beaches and the sparkling Pacific Ocean and overlooks the spectacular Manuel Antonio National Park. Gorgeous sunsets can be enjoyed along with fantastic fresh lobster, squid, sea bass, and other delicacies at this authentic full-service Costa Rican fusion restaurant.


Whenever you choose to enjoy your breakfast you can look forward to fresh fruits with homemade granola and a bakery basket brimming with a freshly baked display of assorted muffins and breads. A typical Costa Rican breakfast including homemade corn tortillas and Tico farmers cheese, will satisfy your hunger as you enjoy the sounds of the rainforest and the waves below.


The restaurant offers a completely new lunch experience: you can partake in authentic Costa Rican family style meals, exotic and familiar favorite as well as daily fresh pastries and deserts and a host of natural drinks made from fresh fruit.


The chef's philosophy is simplicity with a twist, using authentic Costa Rican recipes and local ingredients in an extensive collection of delicious and innovative dishes.

El Mirador Bar:
The bar menu includes a great variety of natural and Costa Rican style drinks such as horchata made with rice, milk, cinnamon and peanuts or a refreshing agua de sapo that combines the flavors of lime, ginger and cane syrup. And nothing satisfies your thirst better than our guaro mojito prepared with aguardiente, typical Costa Rican liquor made with sugarcane.

Aside from an extensive New World wine selection from Argentina and Chile you also can enjoy the sunset sipping a delicious espresso or cappuccino made with the best organic shade grown coffee from Finca Rosa Blanca in Santa Barbara, Heredia. The bartenders will be waiting to serve you with their characteristic Tico enthusiasm.

Playitas Restaurant and Bar:
Situated next to Arenas del Mar's secluded white sand Playitas beach, guests can choose their favorite drink or cocktail of the day and enjoy the sound of the waves and the sea breezes. This restaurant offers light but elegant foods just steps away from one of the world's most spectacular beaches, surrounded by rain forests with white faced monkeys chattering, Howler monkeys bellowing and above, and sloths lazing in the trees.

Room Service
You will find an extensive Room Service Menu, catering to your every need and desire. You can choose from appetizers, entrees, snacks, specialty coffees, a selection of teas and desserts all of which you can enjoy in the comfort of your private guest room or suite. Room service beverages include wines, beer & liqueur along with mixer and soft drinks.

Las Brisas Spa
Immerse yourself in luxury and enjoy our sumptuous treatments and relaxing massages while being lulled by the sounds of the sea and the breezes flowing through Las Brisas Spa. Professional masseuses offer a relaxing and natural selection of massage, facials, wraps and scrubs as well as manicures, pedicures and depilation services. Open from daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is a good idea to reserve your massage or treatment early.

The Beaches
Arenas del Mar is blessed with two unparalleled beaches; Playa Espadilla and Playitas Beach which are contiguous with the property of the hotel. All beaches in Costa Rica are considered public beaches under the law and therefore we have no jurisdiction over their use but our guests are most welcome to use these lovely stretches of waterfront.

Playa Espadilla:
This is the stunning beach on the south side of the grounds with natural rock outcroppings protecting warm tide pools and where tropical shore birds are seen to roost. The natural jungle which surrounds Arenas Del Mar touches the sand, offering natural shade where you can relax in comfort while watching the glorious panorama of the waves breaking onto the shore. This beach is 2 kilometers long and connects to the National Park, which makes it ideal for taking a long walk or run and yet is secluded and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean with its 85 degree water. We recommend this beach for those with children and for guests who would like to take walks, swim or surf and enjoy the wonderful view of the National Park, which is at the end of the bay. If you wish to use this beach we will take you and pick you up by electric car or you are welcome to walk the road or by a lovely path through the jungle which arrives at the entrance to the beach. If you plan on spending the day, we can pack a lunch for your family so you can enjoy the whole day uninterrupted at this beautiful sandy beach. Our guests are welcome to use the bathrooms at our Welcome Pavilion which is only 100 meters from the entrance.

This is the spectacular but cozy beach on the north side of the grounds which ends at Punta Quepos, a peninsula of primary forest and beautiful rock formations. This beach was previously a European-style, clothing-optional beach before we began the project and although very uncommon, you may still see some “au natural” bathing at the end of the beach. However Arenas Del Mar is asking that all beachgoers wear bathing suits in accordance with the law of Costa Rica. This beach is recommended for adults and those who are accustomed to this kind of sunbathing. There is a bar/restaurant close by and a swimming pool for those who wish to watch the ocean but prefer to swim in fresh water.
Either beach affords a memorable experience so depending upon your needs or life style, Arenas Del Mar has the right option for you and your family.

Family Vacation
Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica's most famous National Park and a great destination for those families looking to experience the rainforest. It offers not only beach and ocean activities, but a great combination of restaurants, night life, rainforest and beaches. White water rafting, canopy tours, ocean kayaking, mangrove and dolphin tours, night walks and hikes are just a few of the many outdoor activities offered in the area.

Located within eleven acres of rain forest, you will have the opportunity to observe abundant wildlife such as white-faced capuchin monkeys and sloths. The property sits above the Pacific Ocean and overlooks the spectacular Manuel Antonio National Park. It is also privileged to have access to two pristine beaches just a few steps away from your room.

In particular, Arenas Del Mar Beach & Nature Resort is the perfect place to enjoy a few days of adventure and fun, offering you board games & boogie boards, delicious children's menu options in both restaurants and tours & activities suitable for the whole family.

Arenas del Mar seeks to demonstrate that a world class resort can be successfully combined with the highest levels of sustainability. Working with Costa Rica's Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST), Arenas Del Mar is truly an exemplary project for tourism worldwide.

Environmental Stewardship:
At Arenas Del Mar, sustainability has been a key feature since the planning and construction phase. Sustainable features of the physical property itself include:

Solar panels to heat hot water coupled with energy saving auxiliary water heaters.
*Underground electricity systems that do not interfere surrounding wildlife.
*Chlorine free ionization systems to clean pool water.
*Energy efficient lighting and illumination throughout the entire property.
*Extensive recycling programs.
*Advanced wastewater treatment systems which assure that all water leaving our properties will not affect the surrounding water sources.
*The use of electric cars on property that significantly reduce our carbon emissions.
*Roof tiles made from discarded plastic bags from the banana industry.
*An advanced vermiculture-based compost system to recycle organic waste.
*Onsite soap production made from leftover cooking oil from the hotel kitchen.
*Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products
*And much more!

The total construction of Arenas Del Mar covers less than 25% of the property itself; the rest has become a private nature reserve that acts as an ecological corridor to expand the area surrounding Manuel Antonio National Park (one of Costa Ricas most popular national parks and home to monkeys, sloths, rare birds and other creatures of the rainforest).

The hotel was built along a narrow strip on the waters edge of the property where there was no forest and has conserved more than 75% of the land and will continue to do so through the generation of funds via sustainable tourism activities. Arenas Del Mar was built on what used to be a plantain farm which had a lot of early growth secondary forest springing up around the farmed areas. Over the last 20 years, hotel staff has planted thousands of native trees and endemic plants that would have been found in the area before it was converted to agriculture. During these last two decades, the land was conserved by protecting it from squatters, trophy seekers (orchids and other valuable plant life) erosion and mono-culture agriculture through vigilance and reforestation. Since its opening, Arenas del Mar has been participating in an extensive reforestation program, planting over 7000 native species of trees on the property.

It is almost impossible to see the hotel from the beach or even overhead from the air because of the way in which it has used coloration and the integration of the flora of the area. In fact several of the roofs have trees penetrating the eaves because hotel staff did not want to cut any trees to construct the building itself. The restaurant and spa were built around the configuration of the trees so it almost disappears into the canopy where it is integrated. We used three different colored roofing shingles and recycled plastic tiles which were designed and fabricated to blend in with the local coloration of flora of the area. The materials in the construction are used for seismic security and no tractors of any kind were used to prepare the earth so as to refrain as much as possible from negative construction impact.

Community Development
Arenas del Mar believes that the participation of local communities is integral to forming a successful plan for sustainable tourism and development.

The Sustainable Guest Experience
Arenas del Mar works to provide its guests with unique experiences that allow them to learn about work in conservation and sustainable tourism, connecting them with local cultures and inspiring them to incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness into their own lives. Some programs include:

*The Sustainability Tour
*Cultural Highlights
*Folkloric Dances
*Eco-friendly Amenities
*Carbon Offsets
*Bamboo Straws

Tiendita Arenas Del Mar is a contemporary Design Shop and Boutique, handily placed in the reception area of the Resort. This shop is dedicated to promoting local contemporary design from Costa Rican artists and emphasizes innovative products that utilize recycled materials or refer to local culture and/or traditional craft techniques and materials.

This project emerged as a response to the growing need for an outlet for young local designers to show and promote their work. It intends to become a forum space where designers, artists, tourists and design lovers can meet, share and produce new ideas and objects that reflect the contemporary life and culture of “ticos”.

Photo Gallery

Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Relax with a hot rock massage Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Yoga Class at the Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Enjoy delicious cocktails Playitas Beach, Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Mirador Bar, Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort Espadilla Beach, Arenas del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort


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