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My Namibia Adventure \ Photos

Doing the flamingo
A couple watches the sunset across the Namibian desert
Hiking through Namibia
Ancient drawings in Namibia
Encounter elephants on a wildlife excursion
A couple enjoys the view from their camp
A close up of ancient drawing in Africa
A guide educates visitors on the ancient drawings
See amazing wildlife on a safari excursion
A traveler views the vast African landscape
An elephant wanders through the valley
Enjoy a chance to embark on an African safari
A lion sits in the shade at the base of a tree
The safari vehicle used for wildlife viewing
A lion rests in the shade
A couple watches the sunset in Africa
Enjoy wine and a beautiful sunset
Yoga in the desert
The desert stretches as far as the eye can see
Get some great views from high up on the sand dune
Walking across the peaks of the dunes
A couple on the beach of the desert
Hiking through the vast desert
A group of Lesser Flamingos
Hundreds of Lesser Flamingos speckle the landscape
A group of travelers watching the sunset
A woman dressed in traditional dress for Africa
A couple pose on the desert sands of Namibia
Two Rosy-faced Lovebirds sit side by side eachother
Accommodations on the top of a hill
Watching the sunset across Africa
Two lions stay hidden in the high brown grasses
A group of giraffes move across the valley
The vehicle used to take travelers on a wildlife viewing excursion
A group of girls at their school in Africa
Locals using a typical form of transportation
Have the opportunity to see a variety of birds including guineafowl
A cheetah sits secluded in the brush
Witness some magnificent creatures on an African trip
Hiking through the brush in search of Africa's unique wildlife
A giraffe stares at the travelers that have just spotted it
Travelers taking a hike through the African landscape
Have the chance to see the incredible landscape of Africa
A Helmeted Guineafowl is one of the many birds that can be seen on an African safari
A cheetah is perched high allowing for a better view
Africa is an excellent location for sightseeing
A cheetah makes its way up a tree to better survey the area
A warthog kneels in for some delicious green grass.
View the incredible animals of Africa
Local children looking at their picture on a digital camera
Watching for wildlife from the touring vehicle
A young child sits in front of a African hut
A traveler buying crafts from a local woman
A zebra alone in Africa
See many magnificent animals such as lions
Get to know the local people of Namibia
Traditional footwear of the local people of Africa
Traditional headgear and jewelry worn by the women in Namibia
Local people making crafts
A baby strapped to the back of its mother
A classroom filled with local children
Two children of the village
A group of local women in traditional dress pose for the camera
The traditional style headgear for this tribe in Africa
Witness the unique birdlife while on your African safari.

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