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Elusive Patagonia \ Photos

Day 3: Chilean Firebush with The Horns in background
Day 1: Landing in El Calafate
Day 1:The town of El Calafate on the shore of Lago Argentino
Day 1: Bird and wildlife sanctuary in El Calafate
Day 1: Castle Mountain from El Calafate
The lobby of Hotel Esplendor.
Day 1: Drinks and dessert at Elsplendor Hotel in El Calafate
Day 2: Sunrise in El Calafate
Day 2: No man's land between Argentina and Chile
Day 2:  Our first views of Torres del Paine Park
Day 2: Mylodon Cave National Monument
Day 2: Our suite dome at EcoCamp
Day 2: The rustic elegance of the interior of the dome.
Day 2: Pisco sours and snacks at EcoCamp before dinner.
Day 3: The Towers in early morning light
Day 3:  Almirante Nieto
Los Cuernos del Paine
Day 3: Salto Grande waterfall
Day 3: Arriving at the French Valley trailhead
Day 3: Views along the trail to the French Valley
Day 3: Views along the trail to the French Valley
Day 3: Views along the trail to the French Valley
Day 3: The Horns. Absolutely stunning.
Day 3: The "Shark Fin" in the French Valley
Day 3: The swinging bridge over Rio del Frances
Happy hiking couple in Torres del Paine
Los Cuernos del Paine from Lago Pehoe
Day 3: View of The Towers at dusk
Day 4: The Towers at dawn from EcoCamp
Day 4: Almirante Nieto aglow in the light of dawn
Day 4: Ready to hit the trail
Day 4: Battling the "wind field" enroute to The Towers
Day 4: A trail sign that doubles as a map
Day 4: Nido de Condor and Towers before the clouds set in
Day 4: Camp Chileno
Day 4: At the base of The Towers
Day 4: Mist-covered view of The Towers
Taking a break while trekking in Torres del Paine
Day 4: A soggy walk back to EcoCamp
Day 4: Enjoying dinner after our Towers hike
Los Torres on a beautiful day
The Horns and Paine Grande, Torres del Paine
Day 5: A view across Lago Argentino
Day 5: Paine Grande across Lago Nordernskjold
Day 5: Close up of Paine Grande main peak
Day 5: Salto Grande waterfall
Day 5: Guanacos
Guanaco herd in Torres del Paine National Park
Day 5: The "elegant" guanoco
Day 5: Icebergs on Lago Grey
Day 5: Approaching the edge of Grey Glacier
Day 5: Grey Glacier up close
Day 5: Grey Glacier
Day 5: The iridescent blues of Grey Glacier
Day 5: Enjoying a Pisco Sour cooled with glacial ice
Day 6: The massive wall of Perito Moreno glacier
Day 6: Interesting ice formation on Perito Moreno glacier
Day 6: The wall of Perito Moreno glacier
Day 6: From the walkways overlooking Perito Moreno glacier
Day 6: A piece of ice falls into the water below
Day 6: A bird's eye view of Perito Moreno glacier
Day 7: The start of our hike to Laguna Torre with our guide
Day 7: Laguna Torre and Glaciar Torre
Day 7: Atop the windswept glacier moraine at Laguna Torre
Day 7: A rainbow spans Laguna Torre
Day 7: Clouds swirl around Cerro Fitz Roy
Day 8: Start of our hike to Loma del Plieguey
Day 8: A panoramic view of Laguna Torre
Day 8:  Laguna Torre and Cerro Solo
Day 8: A condor soars above
Day 8: Rio de las Vueltas valley in Chalten
Day 8: Views along trail
Day 8: An example of the fossils found in the area
Day 8: Lago Viedma
The silhouette of the Fitz Roy Massif matches the Chalten sign
Day 8: Poincenot (center left) and Fitz Roy (right) at dusk
Day 9: Poincenot (left) and Fitz Roy (right) at dawn
The view of Fitz Roy from the bus leaving Chalten
Day 9: The port at Ushuaia
Day 9: Cerro Olivia overlooking Ushuaia
The mountains surrounding Ushuaia
Preparing for our kayak float in Tierra del Fuego
Day 10: In the kayaks on Rio Lapataia
Day 10: The southern end of the Pan American highway
Day 10: Along the coast in Tierra del Fuego Park
Day 11: The Beagle Channel
Day 11: A sea lion among a colony of Imperial cormorants
Day 11: Sea lions have itches too
Day 11: The haunting monument to the Malvinas
Day 11: A parting rainbow capped a fabulous trip

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