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One lone penguin that didn't get much attention while we were kayaking. We were all about the whales!
One lone penguin that didn't get much attention while we were kayaking. We were all about the whales! (Franny Friesz)

When I learned that scientists were going to be onboard, I honestly thought it might make the trip slightly boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I didn’t expect was actually feeling some pride that I was a small part of the data our ship brought back to that science-y world. We had a rare opportunity to be onboard with scientists who had permission to bring a drone to study whales. They measured the body mass of humpback whale mothers to gauge how much weight they lost while feeding their calves. We were all asked to turn in photos of flukes as they are like a whale’s thumbprint. With a photo one of us captured, they would be able to match it with another across the Drake. They also participated in tagging the whales to gather more information about their habits. Another aspect that surprised me was the fact that we were able to interact, drink, and have adventures with these individuals. We became as close as anyone onboard. We had a few other fun people come onboard while in Antarctica. At one point, Ari Friedlaender came onboard.

Antarctica - just stunning.
Antarctica - just stunning. (Franny Friesz)

Ari is a research scientist taking huge strides in the marine research world. Of course I didn’t appreciate who he was at the time, but now knowing who he is, that was really cool. We took aboard the ladies who had spent the summer season at Port Lockroy. Most ships visit the port and get to peruse the area and buy souvenirs. We were able to sit down and hear the fun stories these brave women experienced. One misty morning, a small sailboat pulled up to our portside. We added another three to our crew onboard. This time, I had a full nerd moment when I found out that two men from the BBC joined us for the journey home. These guys gave a presentation on the episodes they filmed for Planet Earth. I may or may not have walked up to them like a giddy fan girl to ask them each for an autograph. No regrets. Needless to say, this was not your ordinary cruise with ordinary people. We were a part of the bigger picture and I was just along for the ride!
Nothing beats that Antarctica view
Nothing beats that Antarctica view (Franny Friesz)

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