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Passport to Patagonia \ Photos

A Family Photo of an unforgettable journey!
Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires
In honor of San Martin...hero of the Argentinian Revolution
Tile inside of Cathedral
Stunning interior of Cathedral
Cathedral Door
San Telmo Neighborhood...home of the Tango!
Inside San Telmo café
Brightly Colored Apartments in San Telmo
Electronic Floral Sculpture
The Women's Bridge
Tomb in Recoleta Cemetery
Cemetery Eye Candy
Row Mausoleums in Recoleta Cemetery
Evita's Mausoleum Plaque
Recoleta Cemetery Tomb Detail
Spiders find a quiet place to weave
Busy Buenos Aires Street
Off to Patagonia
Tombo Penguin Colony
Hungry Baby Penguins
Soaking up the Sun
Clambering for attention
Moe, Larry and Curly
Sure do look smart in our tuxes, don't we?
Where\'s our Mommy
A Gathering of like Minds
Do, Mi Re
Sea Lion giving birth in foreground...red is placenta
Guanacos in the Bush
The Welcoming TeaPot
A Slice of Wales on the Patagonian Steppe
A Welsh Welcome!
What a spread!
Vicki\'s in culinary Heaven. . . first time in 9 months!
Interior of the Tea House
A tribute to Lady Di
Our Welsh Servers
Princess Di's Cup and Saucer
The beautiful peninsula shoreline
Marta, our guide, and Ignacio, our driver
Rincon Chico Horses
The Estancia Lodgings
Flowers to hold sandy ground together
The Estancia Choique
Closeup view of the Male Elephant Seals
Rincon Chico
All the comforts of home!
The Livingroom at Rincon Chico
Ancient Boleadoras. . . the gaucho's weapon
An Idyllic afternoon at Rincon Chico
Modern Boleadoras. . . a gaucho's friend
Ramona serves a delectable Breakfast Buffet at Rincon Chico
Outdoor oven and herb garden
The Flag of Argentina!
The Del Boccios with Augustin, owner fo Rincon Chico
Rincon's thousands of sheep!
Ushuaia, the End of the World
Ushuaia Morning, Fin de la Mundo!
Flag Trees blown NE found on the drive to Harberton Ranch
Rules of the Road
Penguin Triplets
On the Trail on Gable Island
Winter\'s Bark tree on Gable Island
Beautiful Vistas on Gable Island
Suffered Rocks in School Bus Yellow
Beaver Dam(age)
Beaver Invasion on Gable Island
Thar they blow!
Over the River and Through the Woods
Lupines on Harberton Ranch
Ushuaia Town at the End of the World
The weather always changes in Ushuaia!
Herbie prepares us for our trek through Tierra Del Fuego
Gorgeous Vistas along the trail
Lichen, Lichen everywhere
Taking a break before another hike...taking in the Grandeur
Pastoral Scene...a surprise
Beauty along the way in Tierra del Fuego Nat\'l Park
Up and down and up and down and. . .
The Happy Hikers!
Cafe, Te or Yerba Mate?
Nodes developed to protect the tree from Lichen
Thank the Lord for my walking stick-my faithful friend
A Family Photo of an unforgettable journey!
Sunday Campers in Tierra del Fuego
Ready for a Canoe Ride
We're on our way!
Phew!  Just missed our heads...lay low!
Portaging like the Indians
We made it, thank the Lord!
Tierra del Fuego scenery
Back to Civilization a long way down to the Grocery store
Taking off from Ushuaia, an island airport
Landing in Calafate- Western edge of Argentina in Patagonia
El Calafate Rock formations
Estancia El Galpon de Glacier property
El Galpon Hostelrie...Heaven on Earth!
A happy Pair in Paradise!
Sunset at El Galpon (10:30pm)
What a Wonder!
View from our dining room at Estancia El Galpon de Glacier
View from our bedroom
Beautiful Patagonian horses!
First sight of the glaciers made me teary-eyed!
Vessel on left took us to the Perito Moreno Glacier
Wow...up close and personal!
Even closer
Ready to climb the glacier
Headed to the shack for our crampons
A shine, sir? The crampon fitting
The fitting
The crampon rack
Mario is ready on his first full day as a 16 year old
My jacket must match the glaciers!
A family photo!
Natural cave. . .gorgeous blue!
Streams on the face of the glacier
Learning to walk like a mad gaucho
On the trail
Another Gorge-ous photo!
Almost to home base
We did it!
We survived. . . thank the Lord!
Ice cold glacier water. . .mmmmm!
To your health. . . can't get purer than this!
Another beaut of a photo!
Can you see the man?
The Argentine Flag
Ready to calve??
'As sheep to his shearers is dumb' Acts 8:32
All in one
Rolling up the fleece
Hitting the trail
The Frenetic Estancia Dog
'Let's go. . .I'm on a roll'
Looking Good!
Estancia El Galpon from the Trail
Patagonia Horses Lap up Water in Lake Argentina
We did it!
Home on the Range
El Galpon Hostesses, Caroline and Cecelia-gracious ladies!
Sunset at El Galpon Estancia
The End of the Trail. . .exhausted but content
Lake Argentina from the air leaving El Calafate
Yerba Mate anyone? BA Aeropuerta

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