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I Actually Like Rules

There are people that believe that Antarctica is "shared" among multiple countries because it is not its own continent, but instead a massive wall of ice along the edge of our disc-shaped planet. I however like to believe that tis treaty comes from an international desire to make Antarctica the exception from the rest of the globe. That the whole planet wants to protect this delicate ecosystem and these pristine landscapes. I feel this idea is supported by the creation of IAATO. 
Penguin! (Rachel Shull)

The IAATO is a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate and promote the practice of safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic (https://iaato.org/) When you travel to Antarctica, you sign your name agreeing to the rules set forth by the IAATO: 
  • Protect Antarctic Wildlife
  • Respect Protected Areas
  • Respect Scientific Research 
  • Be Safe
This covers more specific rules like staying a measured distance away from wildlife, not bringing food on shore and certainly not using the shores as your personal bathroom. It breaks my heart that I travelled to the ends of the Earth and still found people that couldn’t care less about the world around them. There was an unfortunate group of selfish travelers that didn’t understand what a privilege it is to step foot on Antarctica.
Getting comfortable for camping!
Getting comfortable for camping! (Rachel Shull)

They robbed others of the chance to enjoy the rare camping experience and broke several rules in the process. They brought food and alcohol on shore to celebrate loudly into the night. Despite the supply of an emergency toilet provided mere feet away from camp, these people urinated and puked on the once clean shores. Our tour operator was unable to enforce any kind of punishment because there was no documented proof other than pointing fingers of 20 other frustrated campers.
Camping... IN ANTARCTICA! (Rachel Shull)

In my eyes, I just witnessed another rich person evading consequences. When personally approached, he admitted he did not respect Antarctica and kept saying that it was “just my opinion” that what he did was wrong. He believed his money earned him the right to do as he pleased.

If you agree with this man,  If you think IAATO is just a “liberal agenda” and you think it’s okay to disregard the rules put forth to protect this precious land; then stay home. Do not go to Antarctica. You don’t deserve to. And if you do go, I promise you, there will be a woman on board that will break the chains of her timidness and put you in your place.
Antarctica! (Rachel Shull)

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