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Our Amazing Trip to the Falkland Islands \ Photos

Gentoo Penguin with two babies on Sea Lion Island
A baby seal on Sea Lion Island
Megellanic Penguins
Gentoos on "The Neck", Saunders Island
Gentoos in the water on a beautiful day at Saunders Island
Mingling with the locals in the Falkland Islands
Baby Seal at Sea Lion Island
A curious King Penguin in the Falklands
Rockhopper Penguins on Saunders Island
King penguins at Volunteer Point on East Falkland Island
King Penguin colony on Volunteer Point, East Falkland Island
Trying to Fly? King Penguin in the Falkland Islands
An albatross on the wing over the Falkland Islands
Making friends with Gentoo penguins in the Falkland Islands
Enjoying the sun on "The Neck" at Saunders Island
Megellanics in their burrow
Molting male elephant seals in the Falkland Islands
Bunkbeds with a view of penguins...perfect!
Black-browed albatross with a chick
I call the Gentoo baby on the left "Tubby"
A view from the plane window
A King Penguin hug?
I climbed a rock for this sunny day shot
I think a penguin went this way...
Another Albatross with her baby
A baby (but getting big) Megellanic penguin
A lone Macaroni Penguin among the Rockhoppers and Imperial Comorants
An adolescent King Penguin in the Falklands
Wild King Penguins and domestic sheep coexist in the Falkland Islands
Rockhoppers and Cormorants at The Rookery
Nesting Black-Browed Albatross on the Falkland Islands
Megellanics visiting their neighbors

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