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Drake Passage

The Drake!  Drake Lake on the way south.
The Drake! Drake Lake on the way south.
Day Two of the Drake Passage and I still feel great, that is until I spill an entire french press of coffee on my leg. I'm not that smooth before my morning coffee in regular circumstances, but when you add in the movement of the ship, it's a recipe for disaster. I filled up the carafe with boiling water and let it sit for a few minutes to brew. Upon picking it back up to pour it into the cup, I drop the entire thing and it crashes to the floor, breaks and leaves my leg soaked in boiling coffee. It takes all of a few seconds for my mind to register that I have boiled my leg. Thank goodness my cabin is next door to the doctor's clinic! The skin of my thigh is already blistered, but the doc applies medicine and covers it loosely with gauze. This will make skiing fun! The rest of the day I spend telling this story to everyone on board and receiving looks and words of pity. I am brave in the face of a blistered leg, but this does put a damper on things a bit.

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